What makes a great lover?

There are millions of men who are continuously asking “how can I be a better lover?” however most of the information provided in magazines and ad sites are all about sex games and tons of other things that really don’t help men become better in bed.There are millions of men who are continuously asking “how can I be a better lover?” however most of the information provided in magazines and ad sites are all about sex games and tons of other things that really don’t help men become better in bed. While there are plenty of emotional factors that tie into making love , the predominant factors that make a man great at sex are all physical. So what are those physical factors that play such a vital role in great love making?PhysiqueGreat sex isn’t just some quickie where you get in , get done , and get out. Sorry , but it just doesn’t work that way. Great sex can actually be quite time consuming and , while thoroughly enjoyable , can also be very exhausting. Sex takes a lot of strength to continue for extended periods of time and to do certain positions and when a man exerts himself past his physical ability it can have severe effects on the love making session.When men become exhausted right during the middle of sex it not only affects their ability to climax , but it also can be quite unappealing for any woman. No woman wants to have sweat dripping off of their lover and onto their face – this is not only a big turn off but also a big problem. This is why exercise is crucial to being able to give your woman the “scream at the top of her lungs” sex she’s desired for so long. Not only will being in shape greatly improve your stamina , but it will also allow you to easily pick her up for some great positions that will make her feel helpless in your strong arms. This will bring you both back to your primal nature as you dominate her.ForeplayIt is no secret that many women , and even men , need ample stimulation before they are able to climax – it is for this reason that foreplay is so crucial to amazing sex. Not only is foreplay necessary , but it is highly enjoyable for both involved and shouldn’t be considered a chore. Foreplay can start at any place and can be continued for any length of time as the longer it takes , the more she will be begging for you to give her what she craves. Foreplay is a chance for men to explore the sensual body of their lover and to stimulate other places rather than her genitals. Women have numerous sensitive spots that provide sexual pleasure when enticed and men need to be aware of them because when a woman orgasms her whole body has a strong physical reaction to the stimulation; when the rest of her body is stimulated as much as her genitals , she will have multiple orgasms that will leave her exhausted yet still begging for more.So what spots stimulate her? First , these spots are known as erogenous zones because they have a high concentration of nerve endings that , when stimulated , can provide a powerful sexual reaction. These spots include places such as the inner thighs , behind the knees , buttocks , back of the neck , ears , wrists , lips , and of course breasts. Try to stimulate these areas through grabbing , massaging , nibbling , and licking , and she will ready to climax before you even penetrate her!PositionsWhen you are ready to finally cave in and give her what she wants , you need to be aware of the different sexual positions that stimulate a woman more than others. While standard missionary position may be fine for most days , you should try to spice things up as the excitement of new positions also ads more onto the sexual experience. Keep in mind that the best spots that will excite her the most are the ones that thoroughly stimulate her g-spot while you are thrusting. These positions include her on top (which also makes her feel more dominant) , doggy style , and a slight twist on the missionary which includes her legs on your shoulders while you are on top of her.SizeWhile some claim that ‘size doesn’t matter’ , that simply isn’t true as size plays a vital role in the amount of pleasure a woman has during sexual intercourse. First off , the majority of the nerves are located towards the opening of the vagina and on the clitoris , however there are still many more nerves up the vaginal opening that , when stimulated , provide a deep and powerful orgasm for women.Lasting Long In BedPremature ejaculation can have a detrimental effect on the outcome of your partner’s sexual pleasure. Being able to have sex for more than a few minutes is crucial to ensure your partner gets enough stimulation to reach a mind blowing orgasm. Male enhancement supplements are especially important if you feel you lack the staying power she craves and will also give you the hardest erections possible. 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