What Is A Project Management Software?

OverviewProject management software is aterm that covers many kinds of software, including projectplanning, project scheduling, cost control and budget management,resource allocation, collaboration software, communication, taskand time tracking and the list can go on. All these areas arecovered by project managers that are used to deal with small,medium and even complex and large projects.A project management applicationis a simple tool that helps managers and team members successfullyplan, manage and execute the various tasks involved in each projectunder time and budget constraints. The most important part in thesuccess of a project is the project managers experience andknowledge in the project management area. The project managementtools are just an extension that help the manager.Types of project management softwareThere are several types of project managementsoftware. It may be a desktop application, a web-based softwareor it can also be a hosted software solution that allows accessfrom remote locations through Internet or Intranet.Desktop applications are used by single users and workinggenerally with system files. Web-based and hosted solutions can beset up to allows access for multiple users simultaneously in aconcurrent manner on a central data repository.How to choose the right project management softwareProject management software is designed so you can manage allaspects of your project needs effectively. There are differenttypes of software available, and the most will allow you for thecomplete management from beginning to end. This includes startingwith WBS construction, project planning and scheduling to progresstracking etc.Here are some of the benefits from a project managementsoftware that you can expect:it should be simple, easy to use and user friendlyproject planning: provides a clean way to break down yourproject, build schedules, allocate resources, and managebudgetsresource and cost management: get resources and finances undercontrolproject tracking: track project evolution regarding task’scompletion, time and costsbrings project’s critical issues to your attentionteam work and collaborationBesides all these features the product price is also animportant factor. There are basically two major payments methods: aone time purchase and a monthly fee. Based on your budget or incomeit is up to you to decide the most appropriate method.Keeping all these aspects into account Stand BySoft designed RationalPlan, a project management software suitethat follows the general recommended guidelines from projectmanagement software domain.