What Happens in hCG Diet Phase 2?

hCG Diet Phase 2 is an important part of the hCG weight loss program that dieters must follow carefully to lose weight efficiently in the shortest time possible.hCG Diet Phase 2 is an important part of the hCG weight loss program that dieters must follow carefully to lose weight efficiently in the shortest time possible. This is true for 500- , 800- , and 1200- calorie intake plans. This weight loss plan does not have overly restrictive dietary requirements that could affect the body negatively. It offers clear recommendations for what dieters should eat during hCG Diet Phase 2 , which is an important part of the four diet stages. Each phase is based on research and clinical observation that shows how the body reacts to human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) used for this weight loss plan.The duration of hCG diet phase 2 depends on the weight loss goal , because each diet is determined by the number of pounds the dieter plans to lose. For example , to lose about 15 to 20 pounds , an individual will need to follow Phase 2 for about weeks , while those intending to lose about 40 pounds will follow it for six weeks. hCG Diet Phase 2 is also known as the “reduction” or Lose stage because it operates on a low calorie intake , unlike the first stage , Load , that is liberal and includes high fat content foods to prepare the body for the transition to lower calorie eating during the following phase.The body begins reacting positively to hCG drops , creating positive diet momentum so the dieter is motivated to follow the diet even more carefully. However , this weight loss plan offers nutrition from the major food categories , allowing balanced eating so the dieter is not at health risk as she or he loses weight and can function normally for work , school , and daily activities. hCG Diet Phase 2 allows proteins such as chicken , shrimps , crabs , white fish , and ground beef; all fat must be extracted before the cooking process and total consumption should not exceed 100 grams.Two servings of vegetables are permitted daily , and the variety offered includes cucumbers , asparagus , onions , tomatoes , cabbage , celery , and spinach , amongst others. The hCG Diet Phase 2 vegetable intake should involve just one type of vegetable in every meal. Two servings are equivalent to two tomatoes , two cups of salad , or even two cucumbers. Other dietary allowances include specified portions of bread , spices , and beverages.hCG Diet Phase 2 meal requirements need to be followed for the whole duration of Phase 2 to avoid accumulating fat or causing a weight loss plateau. In addition , the hCG drops should be taken just six days of every week for dieters following the six week program. (On the seventh day the dieter continues to eat according to the diet protocol.) After this phase is completed , the hCG hormone drops should be stopped but the dieter still eats from the allowed foods list for three days as all traces of the hormone leave the system.On the same note , dieters are expected to weigh themselves daily in order to monitor diet progress and avoid stalling , or plateaus. hCG Diet Phase 2 is the fat loss stage , and most dieters in this period experience occasional stalling , a situation where the body stops losing weight temporarily. This problem affects most dieters at some point during the diet , but with the hCG drops there is a team of customer support professionals to offer tips and advice to help dieters move forward.