What Formulates the Android Application Development So Popular?

Since the time Google has entered into the space of smart mobile phones with Android OS , the smart phones backed by Android have gained tremendous popularity all over the world. The reason behind increased popularity and tremendous demand for Android smart phones is because of their in-built Android applications which are trendy and stylish as well as utility applications.Today , when smart phones are becoming common , people are more concerned about the platform of Android OS in their smart phones rather than the model of mobile phones which they are using. An Android enable phone can be considered as the power house of many things as it has all the important information like Google Maps , Weather , E-mail communication , proper Navigation , Music , Shopping , and many other countless features which are changing the way mobile has been used in our life. Over all the fact is that the growing popularity of Android Applications is mainly because of two main reasons and they are fun and its usefulness.Because Android is continuously experiencing growth of applications and its popularity , it has been experiencing the growth in mobile application development rapidly. Today , there are many businesses and outsourcing companies who are providing Android app development outsourcing services to all over world and they have achieved benefits and generated great revenues from in just couple of year’s time.Android has been provided by Google and it’s an open source platform for developing smart phone mobile apps for which is giving a wider range of opportunities to the Android apps developers to develop innovative applications. Developing apps on android platform is simpler because the source code is accessible by all mobile apps  developers who are looking to get support from an open source platform and at the same time it is affordable to both developers to build them and for customers to use them , hence it is win-win situation for both. Once more important aspect of Android’s popularity is that it is providing greater level of security options and due to the reason Android apps are secure and robust in nature.There are some of the excellent features which has been offered via some of the extraordinary Android apps for the smart phones which makes basic features of phones like calling , texting and browsing mobile phone safer than ever. There is android app which enables the users to access internet easily , use instant messaging and e-mail without even being monitored or blocked by mobile internet service providers. Today , Android OS System is becoming popular and it is available on many of the smart mobile phones like Samsung and HTC , ultimately it gives customers immense satisfaction and feel of proud owner of Android enable smart phone.Copyright © 2011