Various Types of Chess Sets

The game of chess is one played worldwide. Over the years since it was created over 1500years ago , different types of chess sets have been crafted.The game of chess is one played worldwide. Over the years since it was created over 1500years ago , different types of chess sets have been crafted. Some of the chess sets are handmade luxury chess sets , which make them very expensive and can be ornamental pieces or collectibles. Chess enthusiasts usually value the artistry of the chess set that they may come across and may want to use these different pieces other than the standard pieces. The different types include the Staunton sets , historical sets , fantasy sets , travel sets , and chess variants.Chess is an intricate game and all these different types of chess sets create a variation in the look and sometimes in the rules of the game. For instance , Historical sets are available in various historical scenarios and are aptly themed such as the civil war , Navajo against Cherokee , and revolutionary war among others. Fantasy sets are available in the market for fantastical scenarios such as King Arthur’s war against Modred , or Greek gods against one another.The Staunton chess set is one of the luxury wooden games that people can buy from the Jacques of London store. It is widely used and mostly so in competitions. The Staunton chess set is so named after Howard Staunton , an English chess master who promoted a standardized shaped and clearly distinguishable chess set called the Staunton pattern , which is used in competitions. He is considered to be one of the greatest chess players of his time and went on to write books about the game , commentate during tournaments , and even had a few competitions named after him.Thomas Jacques established the Jacques of London , a shop that specializes in games both indoor and outdoor games including garden games that ensure that fun times are had with these games. Jacques of London is an establishment that has over the centuries , been run by Thomas Jacques’ descendants. As an establishment , its promise is to have upheld their ancestors’ standards. This shop is credited to have popularized the game of chess because of the distribution of the Staunton chess set that is mostly used in competitions and championships. They also handcraft customized pieces upon order , which can be shipped or bought from their outlet. Variety makes this shop the ultimate gift shop.Apart from having variants such as multi-dimensional boards and multiple players for instance three or four players , chess enthusiasts will mostly have travel chess sets in their collection. Travel sets are in a variety of sizes as well as styles. Many of them are magnetic and this allows for a game in a moving vehicle , train , airplane , or even a boat. This means that the pieces are either metallic or have a magnetic base. At Jacques of London , you can find these chess sets that range in size from 3.5 inches to 19 inches. It is also possible to get foldable travel sets. The prices range from as low as twenty British pounds to as high as five thousand British pounds.