Use your Smartphone wisely

We protect our computers with virus scanners and firewalls butthere are many customers who do not realise what the dangers arewhen they don’t use mobile security on their Smartphone. Yourmobile phone is open to all sorts of dangers which come from wormviruses and various other viruses which may attack a mobile phonewhen you are browsing the internet without mobile antivirussoftware.A few years ago those who had Smartphones were considered onlyto be business people or technophiles, however, now Smartphoneshave found their way into the mobile phone mainstream. Sales forSmartphones have already risen by a healthy 16% in 2008. The reasonfor the fast growth is due to the new type of handsets that are nowavailable which make mobile phones more user friendly and includesuch features as touch screens and cameras.If you take into consideration that Smartphones now use verysensitive data, such as browsing histories and passwords andprivate emails it is very wise to look at mobile security,especially when you are accessing online banking services.Obviously due to their increased use, Smartphones are alsobecoming increasingly vulnerable to data theft and malicioussoftware applications. Although malware infections, which aredirectly targeting mobile phones, are still a rarity so far thereare 500 viruses that have been identified to date and this numberis growing.If you don’t have mobile antivirus on your phone you canend up having your files completely wiped or additional chargesbeing added from misuse.UMA Global has some of the best mobile security available for arange of mobile phones and software applications. With antivirusmobile security added to your mobile you can surf the internet withcomplete protection.The Article is written by providing Mobile Phone Antivirusand Mobile Antivirus Services. Visit for more information on Thisarticle is free for reproduction but must be reproduced in itsentirety, including live links & this copyright statement mustbe included. Visit for more services!