Tips For Planning An Interfaith Marriage

Interfaith marriages refer to the marriages of people who belongto distinct religions and cultures. They do not accept each other’sreligious norms, ideologies and beliefs but otherwise want to marryeach other. There are some religions which forbids inter faithmarriages while others do not put any restriction on it. In somecases they may convert to one religion before marriage or later,even then; these marriages are considered interfaith.In relationship making, religions does not matters a lot, if youhave found an individual whom you consider to be a perfect match asyour life partner, then its really a great moment of life for you.No matter you both belong to different faiths, beliefs and casts.Some of the initial requirements for planning interfaith marriagesare communication, patience and mutual understanding.Some useful tips which can help you in planning interfaith weddingceremony are:* First of all you need to understand your religion and yourspouse’s one, and based on it you can decide that what you need tohave in your married life. Think about the things you want to haveon your wedding ceremony and which is important to you. Secondly,you need to compromise on few things just keeping in mind thatthere is another person with varied religion.* You should give time to your relationship, so that you both cancommunicate with each other on stuff to be added on weddingceremony. You should plan out with your partner that what customsand traditions he/she wants to have on their wedding ceremony. Insome cases there can be more than one ceremony.* Try to involve families of both so that nothing goes wrong on thewedding ceremony event. As you know customs and traditions to befollowed on wedding ceremonies is a sensitive issue for manyreligious families.* Another way is to find a wedding officiant. Try to arrange twoclergy members so that both religious norms can be practiced. Youcan ask for suggestions from your friends and colleagues. You canconsult the clergy members for guidance. There are many couples whoneed counseling from clergy so that their religion related issuesget resolved.* One of the most important tips is to make both of youcomfortable. You should try to make your partner relaxed with thecelebrations going on in the wedding ceremony. Aftercommunications, arguments and planning you might get tired. So justdon’t panic with things on religion, it’s not about following thecustoms of two religions. Wedding is about celebrating the love oftwo individuals who are going to commit themselves in arelationship.For more information on InterfaithMarriages visit