The What and the Why of Lotus Notes Application Development Software

Lotus Notes , whose full name is IBM Lotus Notes , is a multi-user client-server application runtime environment that works with Microsoft Windows , Linux , Mac OS , and formerly OS/2.Lotus Notes , whose full name is IBM Lotus Notes , is a multi-user client-server application runtime environment that works with Microsoft Windows , Linux , Mac OS , and formerly OS/2. Lotus Notes is written in C++ (8.x Basic and previous versions) and Java/Eclipse (8.x Standard). This is the primary client or user interface of the Lotus Domino/Notes suite and although it is possible to use it without a Lotus Domino server as an email client , this is not very common. Some people only think of email when they think of the applications that Lotus Notes can help generate. However , a Lotus Notes development software can help in the creation of other applications , among them discussion forums , expense approval systems , document repositories , and Web based request systems. Lotus Notes also have the capabilities to interact with other Web technologies and other database systems , meaning you could use the Lotus Notes development software as a Web based information portal and a client-based information portal that ties together different data sources. Lotus Notes can be used as a standalone data repository , a front end data repository , and everything in between. An advantage of Lotus Notes is that it provides different integrated functionality , which include email , an inbuilt user directory and IBM Lotus Symphony , instant messaging or IM (with additional IBM software video and voice conferencing and/or Web collaboration) , calendaring , discussions and discussion forums , blogs , and a full-office productivity suite. It is however , only possible to use these integrated functionalities with the right Lotus Notes application development software. These software programs and other tools have made it possible to have additional integrated applications such as document management and request approval/workflow. You need Lotus Notes because it does not have direct competitors offering similar features. The Lotus Notes application development software is supplied by Lotus Notes application development services. Lotus Notes development services provide services and software that help organizations , institutions , and even governments in the developing , management , and mobilization of their Lotus Notes applications. In addition , they are also engaged in helping clients to extend the ROI of Lotus Notes by doing mobile integrations , helping clients gain control over the application building process , and helping clients reduce the cost and the time of developing these applications. The Lotus Notes development software is advantageous in that it helps with migration such as Outlook to Lotus Notes. Migration is often necessary following the changing needs of organizations. You could use an email migration software to convert PST to NSF communication environment , but having a software that offers different functionalities under one roof is convenient and it saves you money. Lotus Notes application development software has a facility that allows you to use Lotus Notes offline and you can then do such things as replicate copies of your Lotus Notes email databases to a laptop before you leave your office. You are also able to share documents , which is important in that people can contribute virtually (without using paper) before the drafting of the final copy. The software also allows for Web publishing since Lotus Notes databases are converted to HTML automatically , the inclusion of video , graphics , and sound alongside regular text , even in emails , preservation of log vis-a-vis document modification , easy customization , and documents inheriting values from other documents , and easily routed workflow.