The Process of Claiming Tax Back

In some cases tax payers usually end up paying more money in form of taxes and a tax refund form is what they fill in claiming tax back.In some cases tax payers usually end up paying more money in form of taxes and a tax refund form is what they fill in claiming tax back. For those people who are employed then their employers normally deduct taxes from their salaries at the end of every month and give them the net pay. If the amount deducted is in excess , then the employee will have to fill in a PAYE tax return form to claim his/her overpayment back. Basically HMRC tax refund form is issued to persons who are employed or those who have taxable income paid through any other means not necessarily the PAYE systems.Employees who pay tax through the PAYE system rarely receive HMRC tax refund forms since they assume that your employer deducts the right amount of tax from your wages or salary. In case you think you have paid excess taxes through your employer then it is best to contact HMRC offices to start the process of claiming tax. In case you are meant to receive a tax return PAYE form but it has not been sent to you , you should contact HMRC offices immediately. A tax refund form that has been submitted late could result to payment of interest of any delayed tax and a penalty. The form can be completed on paper or online.Tax refunds are only applicable to unemployed persons who have paid taxes before. The amount of PAYE tax return depends on a number of factors. These include the duration of being unemployed , amount of tax paid on employment and the refundable tax credits you utilized. Unemployed persons should apply for tax refunds four weeks from the day they stopped working or immediately in case there was an emergency tax deducted by their former employer.Travel expenses can also be deducted from your taxable income. A business journey includes travelling between your permanent workplace to a temporary workplace or to a certain place your job requires you to. Travel expenses tax relief can only be obtained for things that are directly related to your business journeys. Such necessary costs incurred in your business travel include use of public transportation , meals , parking fees , business calls and the like. Other expenses like buying a news paper or making private calls are not eligible for travel expenses tax relief.Money is always very easy to misuse so ensure that in getting a tax refund you have put that money into good use. Tax refunds are a form of savings. This is because a tax refund is basically your money which was directed to another destination and kept safely for you to claim back. It is also better to have overpayments in taxes as underpayments may result in further problems with the government as far as tax issues are concerned. There are a number of things you can choose to do with your tax refunds; from clearing your debts to investing in the stock market or any other investment venture. Just make sure you use that money wisely.