The Other Side of Android Apps Development

There has been launch of plenty of different models of smart phone models and there continuously growing counts of tablets which are running on Android application framework , Google is continuously facing the challenge of taking the Android to new avenues. Android’s tremendous open app market capabilities allow users to download and try completely free apps. Today , the android apps development has been taken for various devices with different features and sizes; previously it was likely that a couple of Android apps won’t run on all the devices.Instead of going through the entire process of flooding your gadget with apps and returning them in some time , Google has gone for a better option. There are some changes which reflect on the tidy web-based Android marketplace. The good thing is that a Droid market would definitely show the app compatibility along with its features. But there is not a formal announcement about this feature , we from Google and it took for a spin. Google will definitely show if any or almost all of your Android devices will support the app.We are completely aware of Android’s huge market share however , we do not have much idea on the huge market has actually cut down in size because recently received updates on Android market attrition is definitely making it very much difficult for the masses to make decision to choose it. There are plenty of mobile applications have disappeared from the Android marketplace and in comparison , there are hundreds of apps created for iOS have disappeared.The question is that why does attrition matter most to the smart phone users? And , the clear answer is that the attrition rate is the prime parameter in understanding store sizes. The larger the size of the store the larger is the smart phone attraction is going to be. Also , the thing is that the attrition rate greatly talks about the company’s reputation for itself in the mobile world. If we talk about the Droid platform then the Android apps developers are looking more on into the experimental side rather than working in business. The question here is why one should not to hire an Android application developer over an iOS , and Android app developer is so casual about experimental?It isn’t been long time since Android had experience with malicious apps and because of the reason the most trusted Android apps development went through the rounds of rigorous malware test and found its software vulnerable and not 100% secure. The word open source is speaks all about to directly with the hackers. All the Open source software is made to share and freely distribute among users without much restriction.Android mobile apps development platform is giving liberty to developers to explore , prepare and upload their creativity at their convenience , which is the crucial reason why they get an opportunity to experiment and test on Android.Copyright © 2011