The Most Striking Features about Landmark Education

Landmark education courses have received a lot of attention all over the world since the company began in 1991.Landmark education courses have received a lot of attention all over the world since the company began in 1991. Through the years , it has established a number of courses for different groups in the society , most of which are conducted in workshops and seminars held in different parts of the world. Landmark education facilitators provide a schedule of all seminars for the year through their websites for individuals to register in advance. Some programs are for specific age groups such as for teenagers but the ones set aside for adults take in both genders regardless of educational backgrounds , religious , or political affiliations. Various personalities such as Natalie Cook , an Australian beach volleyball player are graduates of landmark education , and a number of companies and organizations such as the Pentagon , NASA , Exxon Mobil , and JP Morgan Chase have sought these courses for their employees. Landmark education workshops are held in an environment that allows participants to interact freely without interference from the rest of the world. Therefore , they are held in hotels and conference halls where instructors and participants can communicate on a level platform without the traditional lecturer and student atmosphere. Essentially , these courses focus on human development with the aim of helping participants realize their potential to change their lives and embrace a positive future.For that reason , landmark education looks into relationships , conflict resolution , leadership , and personal growth , areas that affect both the individual as well as the interpersonal relations created. Some workshops are centered on a particular topic. Participants are involved in discussions sometimes in groups to help each other internalize the development skills imparted by instructors. The sessions are held in 7 languages given the fact that landmark education reaches out to over five continents and participants can register online. The workshops are three days long and participants get three breaks each day. Each session takes 13 hours and the number of participants varies with the number that is registered. In addition , participants are allowed to share their experiences all through the course as the rest of the group listens , and the instructor offers analytical evaluations of the situations and the best ways for participants to handle the situations. Some people criticize landmark education for the sheer reason that instructors expect each person to get to the podium and share their story. However , it is clear that this is the best way for participants to use what they are learning given the fact that these sessions do not involve taking down notes. Interaction during landmark education workshops also extends to family and colleagues of participants. There is an assignment in each break during the day and participants have to try as much as possible to use what they have learnt to handle the situations in their lives. For example , quite a number of participants use assignments to restructure relationships that have been cut off for some time. By the time participants graduate , even the most pessimistic agree that the courses do a lot of good for individuals in different walks of life.