The 10 best Christmas gifts for your pet

Christmas is coming and , with the sort of gifts on offer for beloved pets this year , it won’t just be the goose who’s getting fat. If you don’t have much time to shop between now and then , here’s a crash course in the best pet presents around.1.A pet bookOK , you may find this a bit weird , but books for pets are becoming more popular; specifically , books about how to better communicate with your animals. So if you want to learn how to talk to your dog or cat this Christmas , this is the perfect present.2. Dog’s Treat JarThe classic bonus system: if Rover doesn’t play up Rover gets his treat. Now you can keep your dog’s treats in a jar that’s personalised with a portrait of your dog’s breed and his or her name.3. Dog-Clicker SystemThis system promises to train your puppy or dog within six days. Hugely popular in the USA and used by many professional dog trainers in the UK , this clicker and training guide produces fast results without the need for yelling or frustration. Simple and fun to use it is suitable for all ages of dog: who said you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks?4. Pet Christmas StockingWondering how to wrap your dog or cat’s presents? Look no further than a quirky Pet Christmas Stocking. Available for both dogs and cats (and appropriately in the shape of either a bone or a fish) , these felt stockings are perfect if you have lots of treats for your pet this Christmas.5. A Snuggle-Down BedEven the name sounds cosy; if you want the best for your pet then why not buy him or her a snuggle bed? These beds (available in either small or large) will give your animal maximum warmth and comfort.6. Ionic Pet BrushWhat better Christmas present for your pet than the promise of fewer baths? Most animals dislike being washed or shampooed but with an Ionic Pet Brush you can clean them without water. Suitable for dogs , cats , horses and rabbits this clever brush uses negative ions to drive dirt from your pet’s fur , leaving them with a shiny , clean-smelling coat.7. Personalised Bone China Dog BowlWant to give your dog a true taste of luxury? Tired of seeing them eat out of the same old plastic bowl? A bone china dog bowl is the perfect reward if your dog has behaved well all year. What’s more this great present can be personalised with your dog’s name on the front and a portrait of its breed inside.8. Animal throwsAlthough throws are more for the owner than the pet , they are still a must-have item to keep sofas free of hair and odour. This is another product from The Original Gift Company , a retailer that offers a multitude of brilliant solutions to the Christmas headache , not only for animals , but for anyone needing to buy a gift for this festive period. It’s well worth checking them out for all of your Christmas needs.9. Acquiesce Bark ControllerIf you’re having trouble stopping your dog barking , this simple product is a great solution. The Acquiesce senses constant barking using a built-in microphone and emits an ultrasonic tone (inaudible to humans) which doesn’t stop until your dog ceases barking. Powered by batteries , the bark controller can be used both inside and out.10. Wooden Pet GateSo you are having a nightmare trying to keep your pet within the bounds of your house and out of the neighbour’s vegetable patch. Look no further than a humble dog fence. This is a simple yet effective product preventing your pet from going into those off-limits areas. Made from beautiful solid wood , this freestanding gate is portable and can be used all over your home with no need for installation.