Switch to LED Lights to Save the World

LED lights are appearing to be one of the most popular medium of household lighting in modern times. Taking over the legacy from incandescent bulbs , LEDs along with the CFLs are used widely today.LED light bulbs are more energy efficient as compared to the available incandescent bulbs. Experiments revealed that nearly 80 per cent of the electrical energy is converted into light energy if you can use a LED light in your home. This could eventually help you to save a lot of your money from being spent in paying the electrical charges. But , as a LED light involves an expensive sapphire-based technology in its production , its popularity often faces a roadblock. However , as per a recent experimentation , the cost of manufacturing a LED bulb can come down greatly if the inexpensive silicon wafers are used instead. This promises to bring LED light bulbs easily affordable by one and all. One of the greatest pros that speak about popularising the use of LED light bulbs is their efficiency in curbing down carbon emission. After much is said and done about the recent environment hazards and depletion of the ozone layer , and people are trying to get more environment friendly , the LED bulbs perhaps offer the best solutions. As they do not contain mercury , the LED lights do not produce any heat or UV radiation. Also they are very much suitable for rugged use as they do not contain any filaments , and therefore cannot be damaged as a result of vibrations and shock. So , if you wish to make this world a better place to live in , you must switch over to the LED electric lamps as quickly as possible.A LED lamp also has a larger life cycle. Its operational life can be estimated to some 100 ,000 hours. This means they can be used for a term of 11 continuous years , or for 22 years of 50 per cent usage. Their long operational life is again a great advantage when compared to the incandescent bulbs , which has proved to remain operational for some 5000 hours approximately. So if you are using a LED bulb in your home , there is no need to replace it time and again , which is a characteristic feature of the incandescent electrical bulbs.It is interesting to note the recent developments that are providing a wide variety of residential applications of the LED lamps. The technology that is involved in LED lighting has seen a practical application in different fields. Ranging from traffic signals to headlights , it can be seen everywhere. The LED technology also offers a reliable light source and is considered to be less labour intensive and cheaper option. The future , therefore , is not quite far away when we will witness the emergence of LED lighting in every corners of residential and commercial use.