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To increase the employment opportunities and help people to do their work effectively and efficiently there is a need for certain certification program.To increase the employment opportunities and help people to do their work effectively and efficiently there is a need for certain certification program. A certification program like Prince2 is widely adopted across the world to make people feel confident about handling and managing projects at the workplace. Prince2 is a technique used for effectual project management based on a process. By using this method you will be using common language , systems and procedures for effective management of projects. It helps in reducing the number of mistakes and learning from the mistakes you have made. It helps you to save in lot of time , energy and money that’s being wasted over a project.Prince2 is recognized as international product and the standardized method adopted by many for project management. There are mainly two qualification levels for this method. Prince2 foundation level is the basic level to learn and understand the basics and terminologies in the method. The second Prince2 practitioner level helps you learn to manage the project in various environments. It is the highest level of qualification in the following technique. A certified program in Prince2 helps in recognizing the responsibilities and goals of the project. It helps in getting clear picture about the end goal with a standard approach towards the project.The foundation level of Prince2 can be used by both new and experienced project staff. You can take up this course in two ways: online and 3 day classroom course by tutor. The foundation exam aims to find out whether the project management team has understood the basic and terminologies of Prince2 or not. It also measures whether the candidate is able to apply the knowledge in the given Prince2 environment. The practitioner level is the advanced level of foundation and will try to test whether the manager would be able to handle the project in specific scenario or not. It will also check whether the manager has been successful to address the needs and problems of the specific project handled by him. This course would be of benefit to project managers , general managers , team managers etc.Prince2 helps to decide on consistent approach for the project. It helps to see through the problems that may arise in course of managing project. You are able to use common language with flexible decision points. It helps to maintain good communication between the stakeholders and other project teams. The Prince2 programs are conducted on behalf of the Prince2 accredited training course. The foundation exam has 75 questions per paper.This certification helps to broaden your prospects to get employed in an organization. The mention of this certificate on resume reflects the leadership qualities you have learnt while going through the programs. To be able to handle the projects tactfully and get the effective results it’s better to get Prince2 certificate. There are many sites available online which will help you with Prince2 practice questions to clear the program. Getting a clear picture from start-to-end about the project is the best way to manage the projects.