Stock Toolbar Icons Make Developing Software Better

Stock graphics are a modern standard for rapid application development. Providing significant savings over custom-made toolbar icons or outsourced graphics , stock toolbar icons not only make software development less expensive , but accelerate the delivery of the final application. With an estimated cost of around $20 to $100 per icon for custom-made graphics , ready-made icons offer savings calculated in orders of magnitude with costs of under a hundred dollars for several hundred toolbar icons.Perfect Toolbar Icons made by Aha-Soft are offered for $99.95 , and include 488 icons in a variety of versions , sizes , color depths , and file formats. At around 20 cents per icon , the price/benefit ratio of this glossy icon set is hard to beat!Perfect Toolbar Icons help software developers speed up product delivery and lower development costs significantly. Supplied as a readily available icon set for Windows and Web , the Perfect Toolbar Icons set is royalty free and instantly available for preview and purchase.Perfect Toolbar Icons have toolbar icons to depict objects , symbols and actions commonly found in typical Windows products. The glossy icon set has the following toolbar icons among many others: Computer icon , Folder icons , Search icon , Add icons , Printer icon , User icons , Delete icons , Exit icon , Up And Down icons , Lock Windows icon , Up Folder icon , and Windows Book icon. Most toolbar icons are drawn in the new Windows 7 style , although a few XP-style toolbar icons are also provided: the XP Delete icon , XP Search icon , and XP Help icon.The icon set for web and Windows applications makes products developed for these operating systems look slick and consistent throughout. The entire set of glossy icons is designed as a matching library that shares common style , gamma and colors among the three hundred toolbar icons. Your purchase gets you toolbar icons in all sizes , styles , and resolutions required for a modern product. Semi-transparent true color and 256-color toolbar icons are included , and sizes of 16×16 , 20×20 , 24×24 , 32×32 , and 48×48 pixels are included with every order. Icons in all three states , normal , disabled , and highlighted , are included. To speed up integration with Web and Windows applications , each order includestoolbar icons in Windows icon (ICO) , Bitmap (BMP) , GIF , and PNG formats.The entire toolbar icon set is available for instant preview at