Specialist Footwear: All You Need To Know

Finding a pair of shoes that fit perfectly can be something of an ordeal , especially if regular sizes do not fit and you need extra wide shoes , but the range of specialist footwear has increased massively in recent years and wide fittings are now available in a range of styles.In the past if your feet didn’t fit into a pair of standard shoes , you were faced with a small selection of old-fashioned designs , but shoe shopping has come on leaps and bounds and you can now buy shoes that will fit like a glove , as well as look great. The growth in popularity of online shopping also means that you do not even need to leave the house to find the perfect pair of shoes.The dangers of ill-fitting shoesStyle is usually the top priority when it comes to choosing a pair of shoes , but it is important to wear shoes that fit your feet well and are comfortable. Ill-fitting shoes can cause pain from rubbing and blisters , as well as other problems , including lower back , knee and hip pain. Shin splints and Achilles tendonitis can also be caused by wearing shoes that don’t fit properly and in extreme cases , wearing the wrong footwear can cause permanent disfigurement.The way your shoes fit your feet affects the way you walk and this in turn impacts the alignment of your hips and knees and the pressure placed on your joints; over time , increased strain on the joints can lead to damage and stiffness and you may find it increasingly painful to walk and run.Choosing the perfect pair of shoesShoe shopping is a joyous occasion for many , but if you don’t have regular sized feet , it can be a nightmare. If your feet are not a standard size or width , it is worth searching online for specialist footwear providers or finding details of shops that cater for larger or smaller sizes and offer a range of width fittings. Having wide feet is common and some high street stores have started stocking wide fitting shoes , but if you have extra wide feet , you may need to log onto the Internet and have a browse around to find suitable styles. There are also now a number of bespoke shoe makers who will take an imprint of your feet and create a pair of shoes specific to your measurements , although this will invariably cost more than an off the shelf pair.When shopping for shoes it is important to bear the mantra that your foot should never be forced to fit the shape of a shoe in mind; the shoe should adapt to the shape of your foot and if this is not possible , you should choose a different pair. If you try on a pair of shoes , make sure you stand up and have a little walk around , as your feet expand when they are bearing weight. Most people have slightly differently sized feet , so ensure that your larger or wider foot is measured and choose the shoe that best fits that foot; which may require you to go up a size. Some people assume that they will be able to break their shoes in , but this is not always the case and you should never buy a pair of shoes that feel too tight.Shoe shopping should be fun and if you have wide feet , you can now choose from a huge range of sizes and styles , especially if you do your shopping online , so put your feet up , relax and enjoy a stress-free shopping experience.