Space Saving tips for your Kitchen

We all have visions of the perfect kitchen , a gleaming white space packed with high-end electrical products , in which we prepare a variety of fabulously obscure dishes in a matter of minutes. The reality , however , is not always like this; with many people finding themselves struggling in small kitchens with limited storage space.Small or badly designed kitchens can be a real pain , especially if you have a large family or enjoy spending time in the kitchen cooking. However , there are a few things you can do to maximise the space you do have and ensure that while it may not be your dream kitchen , you can certainly get along with it for now. Follow our tips to help make your kitchen seem much , much bigger.Firstly , have a big clear out and throw out any clutter that might be clogging up your work surfaces or cupboards. Go through everything and ask yourself if you’re ever likely to use it; if the answer is no , either bin it or donate it to charity. Try to be honest; will you genuinely ever use that bread maker? Also , keep an eye out for items you’re doubling up on; no one ever needs two garlic crushers.It can be useful to invest in some kitchen storage products to keep your belongings neat and tidy and ensure that you can find them easily. Even if you have limited space for a bookshelf or a storage cupboard , items such as larder drawers or plate racks ensure that you make the most of the space and help you to get more stuff into the cupboard. On the other hand , look at other furniture in the room and consider whether it might not be better elsewhere; the table in the dining room , for example , or the big squishy sofa in the living room.If you do have a real problem with lack of space in your kitchen , why not try mini appliances? These space-saving gadgets are basically smaller versions of the bigger electrical items found in most kitchens , such as mini ovens , counter-top grills , etc. Their compact size means you don’t have to sacrifice space , and you can even convert the area where the original oven would have gone and use it for something else. Mini appliances also tend to use less electricity , and are usually able to take the full-size versions of normal foods (so no need to worry about mini-ovens equalling mini portions!).If you’re really passionate about cooking , or perhaps just want to get away from it all , why not ask your family to leave you alone for half an hour while you prepare dinner? Not only does it give you a little time to yourself , it also means you’re not fighting for counter space and climbing over other people to get to the oven. Small spaces can become stressful if lots of people are in there trying to do different things , so asking for a little space to relax is definitely worthwhile if you find the chaos a little tiring at times.