Singing lessons for novices

Are you a novice in the field of music? Do you want to take vocal lessons from the very beginning? Then you don’t have to worry any longer because Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy (KTVA)offers you the best singing lessons via CD’s , DVD’s and online singing lessons (through in-studio coaching or web camera). The academy has done a broad research to provide you with the most comprehensive and valuable singing course on the internet.For the learners the KTVA offers the basic singing lessons which include: breathing aid , tongue exercise , reducing the muscle strain , correct posture , pillars , the proper technique to sing the vowel “Ah” and its significance , lip roll , introduction to better pitch , how to connect chest with head voice , intro to basic vowel sounds and their importance , intro to open throat method and introduction to basic scales and exercises. The basic vocal lessons are designed in such a way that they are easily understandable by the novices.The vocal warm up exercise is very important for the beginners. This exercise prepares your voice for a singing period and helps you to calm down prior to a stage performance. While you are singing the difficult and high notes , warm up exercises protect your voice box from getting damaged. Lip roll is one of the best warm up exercises for your voice. This technique improves your vocal and breathing range. The warm up exercises for your voice unties the muscles of your vocal cord and clears up the mucus. Always remember to drink ample amount of water so that your vocal cords remain hydrated. KTVA offers a myriad of vocal exercises to reinforce your vocal cords and expand your vocal range.The newbies should experiment with different genres of music instead of sticking to just one genre. Like if you have been practicing rock for quite a long time switch to hip hop or jazz. This way you will get to practice different methods of singing for different types of music. This will not only improve your voice quality but also give versatility to your voice to sing a variety of music genres.