Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal fabrication is an industry term referring to building metal structures by cutting , forming and assembling.Sheet metal fabrication is an industry term referring to building metal structures by cutting , forming and assembling. The metal is cut by either sawing , shearing or flame cutting. The bending is usually done with press brakes or similar tools. The assembly is accomplished by welding , thread fasteners , rivets or binding with adhesives.Some of the raw materials used by metal fabricators are sheet and plate metal , welding wire , angle iron , hardware , and formed and expanded metal. Materials of construction include mild carbon steel , galvanized , aluminized , coated steel , stainless steel , inconel , aluminum , and cor-ten.The raw materials must be cut to size and formed. The most common way to cut material is by shearing. Band saws , chop saws , and cutting torches are also most commonly used. A cutting torch is usually powered by natural gas , but may also plasma , laser , and and water jets cutters are also used. Young & Bertke has have shearing and forming capabilities from # 26 gauge to ½” plate steel. Young & Bertke utilizes a precision plasma cutting system with up to ½” cutting capabilities.Hydraulic brake presses are the most common method of forming metal. Rolling machines are commonly used to form plate metal into a round section. Tube bending machines can bend without kinking them. Wheeling machines are used to form complex curvature shapes. Young & Bertke have has rolling capabilities up to 3/16” thick and 72” wide.Welding is the main focus of sheet metal fabrication. Special precautions may be needed to prevent warping due to heat. In the event that some warping occurs , straightening of warped steel is done with an oxy-acetylene torch. Heat is selectively applied to the metal in a slow linear sweep. A skilled welder can remove significant warpage in the sheet using this technique.After the metal has cooled it is generally cleaned sand blasted , primed and painted. Young & Bertke can wet or dry paint anything they fabricate. There are many uses for sheet metal fabrication. A few of them are: ductwork , weldments , bases , mounting plates , tanks , hoppers , containers , cabinets , work tables , ladders , stairs , platforms , mezzanines , enclosures , guards , racks , acoustical panels and silencers , fittings , exhausts , and architectural applications. Historically , sheet metal was used in plate armor worn by the cavalry.The Chrysler Building is one example of architectural usage and recognized for its terraced crown. Composed of seven radiating terraced arches , the design of the crown is a cruciform constructed into seven concentric members with transitioning setbacks , mounted up one behind another. The stainless-steel cladding is ribbed and riveted in a radiating sunburst pattern with many triangular vaulted windows , transitioning into smaller segments of the seven narrow setbacks of the facade of the terraced crown. The entire crown is clad with sheets of stainless steel. Young & Bertke completed a similar architectural project on the city of Cincinnati’s Gateway Monument. It includes 14 ,000 pounds of stainless steel.In packaging , sheet is used for cans and closures. In transportation , it provides panels for automobile bodies and for tractor trailer vehicles. Sheet is used in home appliances and cookware. In building and construction , it forms siding and gutters , downspouts and roofing , and awnings and carports.Young & Bertke is your complete source for industrial sheet metal fabrication services , including commercial and industrial air pollution ontrol systems , custom plate and sheet metal fabricating.Unlike a lot of unproven technology being sold in today’s market , Young & Bertke uses time tested proven procedures to give the ultimate value and performance to your company. With 90 years of successful experience , Young & Bertke can guarantee your satisfaction with the fabrication and installation.Make Young & Bertke the first choice for your commercial and industrial sheet metal fabrication needs. .