Sentry Safe Launches 24 New Safes

The Sentry Safe company was started in 1930 during the GreatDepression by John Brush, Sr. and his brother-in-law WillardPunnett. When they started their small safe manufacturing shop,they had a basic formula, it was to produce “quality products atreasonable prices through innovative engineering”. Using thisphilosophy, the company grew rapidly till they became the globalpresence they are today. Sentry boasts that they produce moresafes, files, fire-resistant chests, security storage containersand gun safes than any other company in the world.But Sentry Safe refuses to settle back and enjoy their success,they continue to be an industry leader in innovation. At theJanuary 2009 SHOT Show in Orlando, Florida, they launched a recordnumber of new gun safe models. These 24 models fall into fourdifferent categories:SecurityEnhanced securityExtra tallFire-safe gun safeLets take a look at each of these in more detail.The Sentry Safe security models can hold either10, 14 or 24 long guns, depending upon the interior configuration,but this is not what makes it more secure! The security comes fromsolid steel pry-resistant doors with concealed hinges, threelocking bolts and a hardened plate of steel to protect againstdrill attacks. You can get one of these security safes with eithera three number combination lock or an electronic LED lock.The enhanced security safes are perfect forconsumers who live in a high crime area or have valuables that needthe extra protection. Also great for small business owners. Thesesafes come with all of the high security features that are expectedon a Sentry high-end safe, but they also come with either the threenumber combination lock or the electronic LED lock,and with a security key that is also needed toopen the safe.The Extra Tall models of Sentry Safe are perfect for thegun owner who needs more storage space but either doesn’t have thefloor space or doesn’t want to sacrifice gun capacity. These safesare 64″ tall, about 4″ taller than most full size floor safes. Thismay not sound like much, but 4″ can make a big difference, allowingthat one extra full size shelf across the top that normally wouldnot fit. The adjustable shelves along with the extra heightprovides for flexible storage regardless of what you need toprotect. These safes also have the same locking options andhigh-end features as the security models.The last category, the fire-safe gun safes,have enhanced fire protection. This is perfect for people who livein fire danger zones. The average home fire burns for 15 minutes at1100ËšF, but if you live in the woods where there is anincreased chance of hot wild fires, then the 30 minute protectionat 1400ËšF could really be important. These Sentrysafes also have the same security features as the security models,and configurable interior shelving.A bit of thought about where you live, what you have to storeand protect, and from what you have to protect it (fire, water,theft) all contribute to what type of safe is best for you. Butwith Sentry Safe, you know that you are in good hands, a companythat continues to be on the cutting edge of innovation, andcontinually considers what the consumer wants in a safe.MJ writes for ClickShops Inc., where you can find theperfect Sentry Safe to suityour needs at