Secret Santa doesn’t have to be Boring

If there’s one thing more difficult than finding the perfect unique present for someone special in your life , it’s finding a present (for a relatively small amount of money) for a person you don’t know that well. Unfortunately , this is precisely the premise of secret Santa , a Christmas game that has grown in popularity in recent years.If you have not heard of it , it’s based on a very simple principle: each person picks a name out of a hat and buys a present for that person (within an agreed price limit). These are given to the game’s organiser , who distributes them anonymously; therefore , nobody knows who bought the gift they receive.Of course , the game only works if people take time to purchase great gifts; many people have been put off in the past because they have opened somewhat dull presents , especially when they put a great amount of effort and consideration into ensuring the recipient received something they would really like.If you’re put off by the thought of trying to pick out a gift for one of your colleagues , perhaps because you have picked someone you don’t know particularly well , don’t worry. Choosing innovative presents needn’t be a boring task that gets relegated to the last possible lunch break before the gifts are doled out. It’s precisely for situations like these that The Original Gift Company is so useful; with a vast range of imaginative gifts on its website , buying secret Santa presents couldn’t be easier. The gifts are sorted into easy-to-follow menus , including a range of personalised gifts and also some of the more unusual presents that are so popular around the festive period.What makes The Original Gift Company website so useful is the sheer variety of items on offer; whether it’s a personalised purse , a range of fine wines , a bubble blower for a child , toiletries , jewellery or even a humble pair of socks , the retailer has something for everyone.What’s particularly impressive about the selection of gifts on offer is that there has been a great deal of imagination used when putting the range together; what’s more , it’s possible to search through this range by recipient , interest and occasion; so whether you’re searching for a motoring gift for Jim in accounts (who loves Top Gear) , or a music-themed gift for Sally in HR (who’s a massive Bon Jovi fan) , you’ll be able to source the perfect present in a matter of minutes.But what if you’re the unlucky one who draws your boss’s name out of the secret Santa hat? Rather than panicking , simply do a quick search for executive gifts. Or better still , go all out and buy a personalised bottle of their favourite beverage; whether they enjoy Champagne , wine , whisky , tea or coffee you’ll find the perfect fully personalised present that’s sure to make your boss’s day.It is also worth noting that by ordering online you will not have to spend a great deal of time queuing at the till in a store crowded with Christmas shoppers. In addition , delivery is quick and you will be able to sort your secret Santa and many other Christmas gifts , all in one place in record time.So , when the time comes to pick out the name of the lucky recipient of your secret Santa gift , don’t take the boring option; think a little more creatively and buy online to give a lucky friend or workmate a gift they will truly appreciate and remember for a long time to come.