Recycle Paper: Green Holiday Gift-Giving

It always happens this way: the holidays arrive out of nowhere andyou are still clueless about gift ideas. Despite making lists andbrainstorming endlessly for your friends and family, you can notseem to think of anything besides the cliche scarf and gloveset.Holiday gift giving can also turn out to be extremely costly.However, there are options out there that are not only affordablebut also benefit the environment. Green gift-giving is a trend thatwill never go out of style. And with so many unique items made frompost-consumer materials your choices are virtually endless.Approach holiday gifting with a different vision – to recyclepaper and other resources!Many eco-minded companies today recycle paper, plastic, glass,metal, and other materials to be repurposed. The end result isuseful everyday products that are good for the environment.Consumers use recycled products in more ways than one – forthe home, office, school, cooking, cleaning, etc. Gifts made frompost consumer materials lessen your impact on the environment aswell as send a positive message.Environmentally conscious companies offer many products that makeexcellent gifts such as desk pads, planners, notebooks, organiccoffees and teas, fair traded chocolate, and other items. Recycledgifts are unique and look good as new – plus you have theopportunity to make your own gift basket with a variety of recycledproducts! For example, put together a selection of pens, pencils,note pads, desk pads, sticky notes, and planners for the on-the-gocorporate connoisseur. Or gain love through the stomach with anoverflowing basket of organic chocolates, coffees, teas, hot cocoa,and granola. Your loved one will appreciate the thoughtful gift andperhaps even consider purchasing items made from post consumermaterials for themselves in the future.When gift-wrapping recycled items, you can get crafty and repurposeold trinkets and containers laying around the house. You canrecycle paper by using old ribbons, bows, boxes, wrapping paper,and tissue paper saved from past gifts you received. Better yet,manipulate twine, newspaper, old mason jars and canisters to make aunique, eco-friendly presentation.Going green is a small action that sends a strong message. Givinggreen gifts means you are doing your part to lessen the world iscarbon footprint as well as sharing the idea with others. Officesupplies like paper or desk pads and home cleaning products likepaper towels add up to a huge amount of waste per person per year.All natural, non-toxic recycled goods relieve a huge burden on theenvironment as far as materials and production, and are better forthe health of you and your family.Lauren Beauchamp is a freelance copywriter working with GreenLinePaper to share the ideas behind companies who recyclepaper to produce household and office items such as stationeryand desk pads. For more information on finding recycled products,visit our website.