Recover Exchange Server Databases with Exchange Recovery Wizard

Exchange Recovery Wizard is a data recovery solution for damaged Microsoft Exchange Server databases in the EDB or STM formats. The program also provides a conversion utility for converting healthy databases between the EDB and PST formats. It supports all Exchange Server versions from 5.5 to 2010 making it one of the most versatile and compatible Exchange recovery solutions available. When you use this solution to recover data from a corrupted database , any recoverable data is exported into a personal storage file (PST). PST files are readable using Microsoft Outlook and a wide variety of other compatible solutions. In the newest version of Exchange Recovery Wizard , you can also view and extracted selected items from email databases using the data browser utility.Many businesses use Microsoft Exchange on a daily basis and losing important data can have disastrous consequences which often lead to a major financial loss. Fortunately , most of these situations can be remedied before any major problems occur. Exchange Recovery Wizard makes this possible with its reliable and efficient tools. Not only will at recover any folders or messages that it finds in the database files; it can also recover email attachments. The database browser component makes it easy to restore data from corrupted containers in virtual disk formats such as VHDD , BKF and VMDK. Other items which can be recovered include creation dates for any object , contacts lists , appointments , tasks and notes. Even formatting is recoverable from email using RTF or HTML formatting. Exchange Recovery Wizard is a user-friendly solution which does not require any special user skills. It provides a wizard-driven interface to help ensure that users of any level of experience can easily and quickly recover data. Installation is also straightforward. Data Browser is a bundled feature included in the latest version of Exchange Recovery Wizard. Although it is included with the recovery software , it also provides a separate data recovery utility which is useful for extracting individual items from damaged databases. This solution is ideal if you find that the standard data recovery wizard fails to recover all data.It’s also useful in cases where the source file is so large that it becomes less practical to use the wizard. In cases where you only need to recover a few selected items , Data Browser is ideal. Exchange Recovery Wizard has minimal system requirements and will work on any version of Windows from Windows 2000 to Windows 8. Hardware requirements are minimal and the solution will run on older systems with no problem. The only other requirement is the amount of disk space necessary to recover a particular source file. You’ll need free disk space equal to at least one and a half times the size of the damaged database. Exchange Recovery Wizard supports Exchange Server 2010 as well , including all of the latest updates and service packs. Databases of any size can be recovered , even if they are several hundred gigabytes in size! Learn more about the Exchange recovery software at . You can also buy the software online.