Rashmi Kamani Foundations for Youth ::Rashmi Kamani celebrates festival with locals

Being a businessman was Rashmi Kamani’s destiny but he empathizes and cares for others who are not so privileged. Rashmi Kamani believes women are still not a part of the mainstream progress and feels that a lot can be done to empower women in India. Rashmi Kamani feels that women should become more self-sufficient and also need to get education which is highly important. Rashmi Kamani was much concerned with this and took an active part in this process through the Kamani Foundation. Rashmi Kamani is very committed to contribute to the cause of elevation of women. Rashmi Kamani together with the foundation wishes to express all the support they can give women to enjoy a sense of self-respect along with good employment.Rashmi Kamani through the foundation plans to provide training for women to gain employment in the hospitality industry. Rashmi Kamani feels there are many challenges that may arise for this women empowerment program but he is surely committed to it. To help women better understand the job functions , Rashmi Kamani has ensured that the training process should be meticulously planned. The hospitality industry needs women to work in their departments because women have the necessary values that would help them to be successful in it. Rashmi Kamani feels that hospitality industry needs caring and warm people who can also work diligently and carefully to ensure the comfort of the guest. Rashmi Kamani would like to place women in key areas such as laundry , public area and kitchen. Rashmi Kamani through the foundation wants to provide this training free of charge to women. Rashmi Kamani believes in his father’s belief that supporting the youth community with initiatives that prompt their overall growth and development are essential. Rashmi Kamani along with the Kamani Foundation strives to provide support to local youth communities to motivate and encourage their complete development. At Kumarakom , the foundation is involved in a variety of activities to help raise awareness among the youth , educate them and keep them engaged with their roots and community. Rashmi Kamani through the foundation takes an active part in equipping the local team for the Nehru Trophy Boat Race , an important sports and cultural activity. Rashmi Kamani also provides assistance in conducting the local Onam day celebration by way of donation. Rashmi Kamani’s father set up the artificial limb center in Rajkot , Gujarat through the Kamani foundation. Rashmi Kamani continues his father’s vision and goal of helping physically challenged people.Rashmi Kamani knows that his father felt the need to make physically challenged people self-reliant and give them back their self respect to live in the mainstream society. It pains Rashmi Kamani to see so many physically challenged people unable to afford artificial limbs. Rashmi Kamani feels that if artificial limbs are available for free then it would help these people to lead better lives. Through the Artificial Limb Center in Rajkot , Rashmi Kamani focuses on distributing artificial limbs and medical aid.