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In one of two persons , tooth complications are a common health problem we experience with each passing day.In one of two persons , tooth complications are a common health problem we experience with each passing day. In others , it could be due to near fatal accidents while in others it could be as a result of internal disorders affecting the dental system. Either way , some may be emergency cases others may not show any symptoms until late stages. Visiting your dentist for regular check ups is what you need to avoid gruesome cases. In case of severe tooth pains or disorders , you can always visit an emergency dentist for assistance. Such dentists are always on the go to attend to quick cases that cannot wait. Emergency dentists offer their services around the clock and usually attend to gross cases. Tooth pain can be the worst nightmare one can ever have. Apart from snatching your sleep away , they will prevent you from eating and even alter your speech. Dentists see into it that the inner dental structure of the faulty teeth is taken to avoid spreading the disease to the remaining set. A healthy set of teeth explains the outer you. Therefore , the worse the condition , the poorer your health status becomes. Having tooth disease translates to a number of health disorders that not only cause physical harm but also psychology depression. Take a case where tooth decay causes bad breath to an individual; in such environments , the victim feels down as people will be avoiding him or her. Going to social places becomes a problem to such people. Most emergency dentists owe tooth complications to aging , food habits and oral hygiene; in young people however , the major cause is attached to food habits and oral hygiene to some extent. Teeth yellowing , for instance , are attributed to the above factors as well as natural causes. Anyhow , dentists point out that dental disorders caused by natural factors may lack permanent solutions. As such , there are a couple of preventive measures one can use; the methods are simple and easy to follow if you are to keep your teeth healthy and strong. Brush and floss your teeth regularly , that way , you will help get rid of the harmful microorganisms that cause illness. As mentioned earlier , watch what goes down your stomach.A larger percentage of the food you eat and how you manage them plays a major role in determining your dental health. Make it a habit to brush immediately you are from taking food such as coffee , soda and tea. If you have to chew gum , it’s advisable to use sugarless chewing gums at all times. Brushes using whitening tooth paste to give your set that whitening and healthy feel. Avoid or quit smoking cigar as the soot emitted blacken the enamel. In case of unavoidable cases , it’s always good to visit a dental clinic for an emergency dental care. You don’t want to become toothless so soon neither do you want to lose that cute smile. If no action is taken , dental treatment can be costly.