Perfect Gifts for a wine-lover

It’s no secret that the perfect gift for a wine-lover this Christmas is , well , wine! It’s sometimes hard to know what to get and buying wine can seem a bit impersonal. That’s not to say that the recipient will see it that way. A well-chosen bottle of wine can be the most impressive gift you will buy this Christmas. However , if you do want to go the extra furlong you can get a wine gift that is a bit more personal. Here is a checklist for fans of wine this festive period.1. Personalised wineThe next level of wine gift has arrived. Rather than just getting a nice tipple for your friends and relatives this winter , why not make them feel extra special and purchase a personalised wine ? There are lots of quality companies who offer really good wines with a personal touch. You can put whatever text you like on the label to commemorate the festive period , your time together or the age of the drinker. In fact you can add almost anything you like.Good merchants will offer the personalised service on all of their products so the buck doesn’t stop with wine. If whiskey or a festive port is the preferred choice of the recipient , you can opt for that instead. These personalised bottles are presented in beautiful gift boxes , which really make them a special Christmas present , something to be treasured.2. Personalised wine glassesIf you want something a little more permanent , why not have some wording engraved on your glasses instead of the bottle? For around £25 you can get beautifully decorated wine glasses (we are talking about the nice big ones) or any glass of his or her choice.3. 6 bottle tasting caseGood suppliers should offer handpicked selections for all the occasions on the special day for around £60. This will typically include an aperitif , reds and whites for the main meal and a pudding wine or a port to finish the momentous day with a giggle! And guess what? You can get these personalised too!4. Christmas wine caseAgain , you get what you pay for here but if you go to a good supplier you should be able to get a wine case that will cater for a three-day bonanza. This case will offer all of the above plus crackers , wine stops and even table games such as cards and charades. Good wine cases will set you back the sum of around £130. This may seem a bit hefty but , in the broader scheme of things , you are probably saving money and also getting a professionally selected choice of grapes.5. The challenge gift setIf a single bottle doesn’t seem enough , then why not go for a challenge gift set. These provide both a perfect plonk but also include a classic and good looking wooden puzzle. The drinker can enjoy the challenge whilst drinking his or her wine and get further from finishing the puzzle the more they drink.So , if you want to go that extra step with your wine this Christmas , why not get it personalised? It can be enjoyed instantly or provide the perfect keepsake for posterity.