Our body is like a car

We agree that our body is the most perfect of creation and it isdifficult to find words that can describe it accurately, let aloneto interpret. However much progress and science will provide theend, when you get to a point where our knowledge will not get aresponse.Therefore, try to give an exact explanation, I find itunattainable.But despite this, I would like to draw attention to abstractconcepts that bring us closer to that.Many comparative descriptions we have read or heard of severalauthors in comparing its performance in a complex structurecomposed of numerous specialized chips in each of itsfunctions.Therefore, for this modest sum to be interpreted by anyone, Iwould say that the body might look like a car, which forms astructure and functions that are specific to the design, the studyof physics of logic.This car has an aim which is to move thanks to some specializedmechanisms that take “life” from a combustion system and executefunctions through a complicated set of levers, bearings, axles andarticulated elements that provide electronic security and comfort,and all moves through something that stays in contact with theground, the tires.It’s like our body, a body, some skeletal elements that support andcushion, systems union between pieces, which are the joints,specializing in moves to develop specific plans, and systems andcombustion temperature, which are our lungs and circulatorysystems. This animated by an electric circuit through which we sendsome commands to switch everything to work, like our nervoussystem. The vehicle, unless unforeseen events, is scheduled for afixed term, if you take too high of turns, possibly, is less, andif you do not use it, the pieces are rusting iran, hydraulicsystems lose efficiency, the battery will drain and tires deformand lose air with which the car will look very new, but has stoppedworking.When we’re going to do a trip, or practice a certain sport, we mustknow in what order is everything, and if the vehicle isappropriate. That’s why some bodies are more specialized in somesports than others, and this we have to say our feelings, our”listening” and our review by an expert, ie an analysis ofcombustion and a biomechanical analysis. The car can run well, butthe failure of a tire, it knocked out, as in our body,cardiovascular capacity may be correct, the fatigue perfect, butmaybe the suspension or slippers are not appropriate.I suppose that a Mercedes is a good car, but I would not make amountain sports, or circuits with a peak speed off simply becauseit has a design which determines its suitability.Thus, there are people who do well in the background, others incycling, some swimming, and some others can only perform well andsecured in a particular discipline depends on its design.Knowledge of the fitness to practice a certain sport, under ananalytical point of view is determined by the biomechanical studyof the individual who will tell us whether or not it is suitablefor practicing a particular discipline.Although everything is okay, we put the sport to a higher intensityof the half, and obviously a process of wear and aging, so you needa special maintenance. The way to tell that something does not workon our car is generally a sensor, a warning light or a red light,which means a major breakdown. That is, do not expect to stopworking, but try not to break through some revisions, and theobservation of pre-warning systems, because being an exclusivemodel, when something breaks, may not be an optimal replacement andperformance is reduced or disappears, and our beautiful vehicle isunable to meet the expectations for what we buy.In our body, the design does not depend on an engineering team, buta gene, and the performance of not only the use but also otheritems such as fuel (food).When we have a “fault”, how to tell our body, usually through thepain that comes when our thresholds of perception, modulation andnormalcy has been overcome, either abruptly (in this case is thered light, as would occur in a fracture or a broken fiber), orgradually, little by little, that would be the amber light (like aPeriostisis, a contracture, a fascitis, metatarsalgia one, etc.)..Before you have pain, there are signs of pre alerta muscleoverload, shoe wear, fatigue …There are engineering workshops, but there are also workshops onelectricity, brakes, tires, electronics, iron and paint …There are physicians specializing in cardiovascular services inmuscle dietitian in biomechanics …The endorsement of one of them does not mean that everything elseis correct.Therefore, the pain is not because it is bright as he warns us thatsomething is not working, and obviously we must not do is tosilence him through pain, because in that case, things willmalfunction and the body will place mechanisms for protection orescape and other disturbances occur as a result, sometimes far fromthe first, thus masking the table and the solution will ever bemore complicated and slower normalization.We must bear in mind that things do not always appear suddenly,abruptly, if not for injury or breakage. Often manifest themselvesin the insidious form of resistance beyond the limit of thestructure when it is not appropriate or sport is not the best.Treatment of tillage is sometimes complex and multidisciplinary: itmay require coordination of more than one specialist. There arefunctional mismatches and compensation, whether technical,orthopedic, physiotherapy or medicine.Through prevention, technique and knowledge of the body, get topractice a sport that gives us personal satisfaction and increaseour quality of life.