NHL Playoffs Conference Finals Anaheim Mighty Ducks-Edmonton Oilers

It’s hard to believe that No.8 seed Edmonton is in the East Conference Finals but they have proved to everybody they deserve to be there and they want to keep proving it and get all the way to the finals.Edmonton barely made it into the playoffs but they have made a lot of noise since they did. The Oilers shut down the powerful Red Wings for a stunning first-round upset and then rolled over San Jose with four straight wins after dropping the first two.Edmonton is one of the fastest teams in the league and they are taking advantage of that and finding a way to win with it. On the other side they might be concern of the size of the Ducks that can take advantage of that plus Edmonton doesn’t have as many natural scorers as Anaheim; which could hurt them in the offensive department. They’ll have to be concerned with Roloson as well because he tends to give up a lot of rebounds and that might mean more goals for the Ducks.Meanwhile the Ducks has displayed an incredible playoff performance as they left out Calgary in a seven game war and sweep Colorado in four games. Now they will face Edmonton in the Conference Finals.The Mighty Ducks use their quickness and strength to force turnovers and they have big players who create traffic in front of the other team’s net. Anaheim’s most important asset these days seems to be its penalty kill which destroyed Colorado in round two.But they have a few weakness, they have tended to be a little sluggish early in games and have found themselves trailing after the first period on more than one occasion. That could be dangerous against the Oilers.The comeback of their star Teemu Selanne has kept the offense with a good rhythm and he’s made a few important goals to help his team to be where they are.If you are a hockey fan don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy these playoffs a little more by betting on them. Most sportsbooks will have lines and props for this playoffs series. Do some homework and take your winner pick on the road to the Stanley Cup.