The movie is categorized as comedy/drama/romance. The good thingis that it is more drama than comedy, so it isn’t justanother second rate comedy that tries to be smart & witty butends up being neither, like many recent movies. This movie also hassome weak moments, especially the beginning, but after that itfinds its rhythm and manages to deliver a relatively strong storytill the end, with a few exceptions.The Last Kiss is the story of four childhood friends whodiscover, reaching maturity, the fact that their lives are notexactly the type of life they imagined for themselves when theywere kids. They realize they are stuck in a monotone and boring wayof life. Two of them are more superficial, they try to escape fromtheir way of life by any means – sex with strangers, a tripto Patagonia… In my opinion, these characters don’tbring anything important to the story so I didn’t reallyunderstand the reason for them to be in the movie in the firstplace.The story centres on Michael (Zach Braff) and Jenna (JacindaBarrett), a soon to be married couple, already expecting a child.Michael sees his whole life in front of him, the routine of thefamily life and tries to find a way out by having an affair withKim (Rachel Bilson), a pretty but relatively shallow brunette thathe encountered at one of his friend’s wedding. Jenna findsout about the affair and the drama bursts open on the screen.The cast includes Casey Affleck, making a good impression herealthough he’s not memorable like he was in „TheAssassination of Jesse James…” and it’s completed bythe veterans Tom Wilkinson and Blythe Danner that are a delight towatch, as always.It is a beyond average movie that deserves your attention,perfect for a Sunday afternoon. 7/10 here to see full review and trailer