MCA Industrial Training in India: How and Where ?

As another Semester of MCA students has come to end , all the students moving to Final Semester are in search companies for their MCA Industrial Training and Live Projects. For everyone it is important to do their training from a reputed company where they can learn the skills which will help them shape their career. However , do we know what is the right approach , where to go for the training and how to avoid the traps of coaching institutes posing as software companies.Today almost every Engineering & Professional graduate programs in India include 6 months/Winter/Summer Training as an important part of their curriculum , with an objective to enhance the knowledge of the students on different cutting edge technologies , which has been important part of respective industry but most of the students always run to obtain a merely certificate and due to this there is serious lack of trained professionals with the desired skill sets to take on the ever increasing demand of an industry.If you are serious for your career , want to do something in the industry and get placed in good companies , you should take industrial training very seriously. Carefully select the company in which you want to do training. Ask questions about the company , the type of projects , technology , architecture they are following. You have every right to know about the company.Be very as careful many coaching pose as software companies these days and sell their dummy projects as live projects. Ask the company if they will be giving the URL of their projects to you. This is very important; if the company cannot provide URL of the project then the project is not live. MCA Project training has been turned into a business by these coaching institutes. You need to be very careful while selecting an organization.Students who want a sound future ahead should go only for a software company for their MCA Project training as it’s high time to be serious for a career in the corporate sector. It very tough for technical students to get a breakthrough in the corporate sector without sound technical knowledge. So if you do your MCA Industrial training just for the sake of doing it , you are playing with your own career. If you choose a coaching institute over a software company , you would eventually end up learning nothing.Students are always confused on what technology to select for their live project in Industrial Training. Always select a technology which is easy to learn and implement. Students feel that they have learned JAVA during their studies so it will be easy to work on JAVA. Reality is bit different. While JAVA is a good platform to work , it takes a lot to learn it properly and to start working on it. Always remember , when you will finally get placed or join a company , you will have very little or no opportunity to select a technology. So learn a technology which is easy to adopt and implement. One good option is ASP.Net.There is one more misconception with students that they should go to large software companies for their MCA final semester training. On one hand big companies may provide you a brand name for your MCA Industrial Training and Live Project however you may get very little opportunities to learn in a large organization. In big companies the work is distributed in a large teams and the scope to learn as an individual pretty limited. You will get stereotyped small tasks and will not be able to understand your project as a whole. Whereas in a medium or small company , you will get to see the entire project life cycle. You will be exposed to various tasks which will help you learn many things very quickly. Such an opportunity would be very rare in a large company.So decide very carefully where you should go for your Industrial Training. Ask beforehand on the type of live project you will be doing and check if the project will be made available on the internet by the company.