Landscape design

What is Landscaping?Landscape design isthe art of arranging or modifying the features of a landscape, anurban area etc for aesthetic or practical purposes.Good landscape design can add to the value of a home,dramatically increase your living space, and contribute greatly toan improved home lifestyle.Landscaping has been divided into three main fields:Lawn care companies Landscape maintenance firms Landscape designfirmsLawn care companies specialize in mowing, raking, edging,seeding and otherwise caring for the grassy areas.Landscape maintenance firms are primarily concerned withperiodic maintenance of shrubs and flowerbeds.Landscape design firms that handle landscape construction andplanting under the direction of a landscape designer or architect.This last group deals with everything from patios to fountains torock gardens.A landscape designer or architect knows how to work with thelandscape to create larger spaces, shade parts of the house, blockwind, and use different shapes, textures, colors, and locations ofcertain plants to create a more soothing environment.A good landscape designer can help you integrate all kinds ofpractical and aesthetic considerations into an overall plan thatachieves the effects that are most important to you. Whether youwant to attract birds, impress the neighbors, or create fancifuloutdoor recreation areas for grandchildren, landscape designers canhelp you pull it together so that it really works.Landscaping Process:Landscaping Process has mainly 3 steps:Planning: Proper planning is essential for anylandscaping project just as for any other home improvementproject.Design: Creating a proper design is the mostimportant part of tackling a landscape project.Implementation: The real implementation oflandscaping will be done according to planning and designing.Landscaping Design:InLandscape designing, First basic elements that underlie thediscipline of landscape design. These fundamental elements willthen serve as building blocks for learning and implementing themore advanced principles for designing a garden in thebackyard.The basic elements of landscape design are:Color, as defined by color theory Form Line Scale. TextureLandscaping Features:There are many features you can include in your landscapingbesides plants.Arbors Berms Lighting Flagstones Overhead Structures Brick orconcrete Patios Stone Walls Retaining Walls Steps Walkways/PathsCharacter Boulders Fountains Sprinkler System Waterfalls, Fish pondand Water featuresAdvantages of Landscaping:There are several marked advantages of outsourcing:§To increase labor productivity§To help people recover faster§for air purification§for energy savings§to increase property value§Landscaping can provide privacy and home securityFor more information visit: