Landmark Education and Programs

The Landmark Forum is offered by countries including Ireland , the UK , Canada , the United States , Japan , India , Israel , Australia , New Zealand , and many others.Landmark Education is a universal educational enterprise that is dedicated to the basic principle of success , fulfillment , and greatness. They offer a variety of courses and programs , for example Landmark’s flagship program , The Landmark Forum , Landmark Personal Coaching , seminars on a wide range of subjects , and The Landmark Advanced Course , among many others.The Landmark Forum is offered by countries including Ireland , the UK , Canada , the United States , Japan , India , Israel , Australia , New Zealand , and many others. The Landmark Forum has impacted on many individuals and groups , including cultures , communities , businesses and various organizations as well.Landmark Education offers programs that are available in a variety of formats. For instance , the Landmark Forum is offered to large groups of roughly 100 people , whereas Landmark Personal Coaching is conducted on a one-to-one basis.Landmark’s programs are designed to make use of cutting edge methodology. This will enable people discover new possibilities in important areas of life. The programs have been offered by Landmark Education across the globe since 1991.The different people who take part in The Landmark Forum range from students , managers , small businessmen , professionals , to senior citizens and more. The Landmark Forum culture creates connectedness between people of a wide variety of backgrounds.Besides The Landmark Forum , the Self-Expression and Leadership Program , The Landmark Advanced Course and the Landmark seminar program that have been offered since 1991 , Landmark Education has new programs and offerings. These include the new Direct Access course as well as Landmark Personal Coaching.Users are able to access a wide variety of information about Landmark Education on The Landmark Connect website. Furthermore , information about Landmark Education and its programs are available in a wide variety of media such as YouTube , Face book and Twitter among others.The objective of The Landmark Forum is to enable people see new opportunities for taking action regarding things that matter to them. This would be done by identifying self-imposed limitations based on decisions made by people that may be restricting what is possible for them. This takes place in a group format hence people can see themselves in other people. The Landmark Forum , by distinguishing obstacles that might have stood in the way of individual accomplishment , nurtures an expanded sense of possibilities in life. In Landmark offerings where a group is not involved , for instance in Landmark Personal Coaching , the design allows people to step beyond their own limitations swiftly and powerfully , in partnership with an experienced , world class coaching professional.All in all , approximately 20 different countries host the programs offered by Landmark Education. Ireland’s courses and programs are obtainable in Dublin , whilst Landmark’s offices in the British Isles are to be found in the city of London. These programs can be offered effectively all over the world mainly because The Landmark Forum culturally connects to the commonalities held by human beings regardless of national origin. People in excess of one million worldwide have taken part in Landmark’s programs over the past 20 years of the existence of Landmark Education.