Key Characteristic of Android Apps Development

The idea of the Android operating system is to provide best open source support to the smart phones and moving further allowing the liberal licensing policy to those app developers and non programmer who have been engaged in the foray of developing their personal android application.Today , in market there are only some of the important providers of operating system level platforms and they are Microsoft who is manufacturing XP and later vista , Linux and MAC operating system which is being greatly utilized by apple’s gadgets like Mac book , iPad , and iPhone. in this growing competition , today android has became one of the most popular operating system for mobile handset which is giving its wide flexibility in setting up of Android application development. Currently , there have been thousands of the Android apps which have been developed and its number is rapidly increasing day by day.As per industry experts , the present overwhelming response of the android apps is purely because of the development of many feature rich high-end smart phones by wireless technology giants , like Nexus one being manufactured by HTC , Nexus S being offered by Samsung under the Google flags. Apart from using the Android enabled smart phones; it also provides number of other advantages like availability of wide and comprehensive library for audio and video , quality image files , 2D/3D content rich graphics , GPS , video camera and touch screen for other application.Android apps has been developed by using java language however if you are not a professional in Java developer even then you can also build your own Android application by following some simple guidelines of Android apps development tutorial. One can find good Android application development tutorial easily on web which will provide detailed guideline for Android application development. It provides the wide range of methodology for generation , manufacturing , debugging , running , modifying format and the source code of android , in an order to develop the required application built up using Android operating system.Apart from taking care of all the research related to apps , at the time of going through your Android application development tutorial , you should try to perform some of the research on the packaging aspect of your application from the tutorial in order to make your application even more users friendly and attractive to the mobile users.Google is ambitiously working on providing rich and extraordinary feature to Android enables smart phones. This is also one of the reasons why android has become so successful in less than a decade. There are many OS level accessibility a feature that has been provided by Android is which does not presents in latest IOS , these are the features have been greatly appreciated by android apps developers.Copyright © 2011