Is Voicemail Still Valuable?

Is the so-called dated voicemail number is nonetheless a significant part of many people’s lives? Many people do not check their voicemail , thinking that there’s Twitter and SMS anyway. But there are reasons why some nonetheless use voice mail.Is the so-called obsolete voicemail number is nonetheless a substantial part of many people’s lives? Many people don’t check their voicemail , thinking that there’s Twitter and SMS anyway. But there are reasons why some still use voice mail.Voicemail for the joblessWith the current financial problems , a great deal of people have been discovering it hard to locate a job , let alone keep a phone. Not having a phone seems to become a dead-end street with regards to employment opportunities. How can you , after all , obtain calls or text messages to go to interviews? How do you call and follow-up your networks? Some non-government organizations have made this their personal cause , providing a free voicemail service for the homeless and unemployed. They provide you with a temporary dedicated voicemail number that acts as your lifeline to employers and buddies.Voicemail for inspirationWhat do you do when you miss a loved one who’s miles away? You make a video call , you chat or at least , you send an email or text message. This is all well and good , but if your loved one is fighting a war , the best option could be voice mail. This was an excellent idea by one business voicemail service for our soldiers in Iraq throughout this holiday season. Soliders don’t have time to check their phones , but they can listen in to short thank you voice mail messages in between. Nearly everyone would agree that hearing someone’s voice is more personal and touching than reading a truncated text or tweet. This concept also works for greeting family , friends and colleagues on special events such as Mother’s Day , Christmas , Teacher’s Day and the like. The key would be to use the voicemail number to leave relevant and heartfelt messages.Voicemail for contemporary occasions One of the advantages of advanced voicemail is the fact that it has intelligent features unseen in conventional voicemail. The internet has made it possible for us to get voicemail notifications through our smartphones and emails , generating business transactions much more efficient than ever. Visual voicemail also allows us to check detailed voice mail logs on an internet account or smartphone , so that we are able to choose which voice mail’s to listen to first and forward , save or delete them as needed. You are able to also record various voicemail number greetings to fit different times of the day and days of the week.One interesting and current voicemail patent is video-voicemail for smartphones by Ossan IP consulting. The new technology will inject still pictures or video clips into a voice stream. You will also be able to record a video-voice meeting for individuals unable to attend the occasion in real-time. These video-voicemail pictures can then be viewed on smartphones or computers.Admittedly , it could be quite a hassle to get to your voice mail inbox and listen to all of your messages one by one. This is especially true in the event you largely get irritating messages such as “call me”. However , a lot of organizations and companies have improved and are enhancing on voicemail. Instead of becoming an unnecessary annoyance , your voicemail number can still be relevant.