IMAP Hosting

If you are a part of the Internet Industry , you must have heard of IMAP or IMAP4 , this stands for Internet Message Access Protocol.If you are a part of the Internet Industry , you must have heard of IMAP or IMAP4 , this stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. This is a protocol that operates from the Port 143. So what does it do? It basically allows the local users to get access to his/ her mail through a remote server. The term IMAP email host used to be known as Internet Mail Access Protocol or Interactive Mail Access Protocol as well Interim Mail Access Protocol. As of now the latest and the most updated version of IMAP is known as the IMAP4rev1 which means version 4 and revision 1.IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol is used to access emails on the go through different forms of access points. The email clients which use IMAP email hosting use this service to leave messages on the server so that can be accessed by the email client any time. The email message stays on the server until the email client decides to completely remove it from the database altogether. The biggest advantage with IMAP is that it allows a plethora of email clients to access the same email message through the server. The email clients have the option to retrieve the email messages through POP3 or IMAP system. However , the only downside to this wonderful service is that there are very few Internet Service Providers that actually support the IMAP service. Hopefully in the coming days the IMAP system will become more mainstream and get more coverage from the ISPs. The IMAP service also offers added benefits like access to mail stores , so that client can store multiple copies of his email messages at different locations.IMAP hosting works in a very interesting manner and it uses a novel technology to send the emails to an email server , which stores the messages in an inbox for the user/client. No matter when the message is sent , it will stay there until the user decides to access and retrieve it. The email client or web browser uses an email retriever protocol to gain access to the stored email message. It should be kept in mind that the Internet Message Access Protocol is usually used for a large network , for instance a large corporation or a University. Thanks to this system , the users get access to their email messages , and can access them by logging in to the network. The POP3 protocol can also be used to download messages.After Interim Mail Access Protocol became obsolete , it was replaced by Interactive Mail Access Protocol or IMAP2. IMAP2 was freely made available to the public. The IMAP2 was better and faster than its competitors , plus it offered command and response tagging functionality to the users. After that IMAP2bis offered mailbox management features to the service and then came the age of IMAP4. Right now , the latest version of IMAP is IMAP 4 rev1 , which allows IMAP web hosting with added functions like ‘create’ , ‘delete’ , ‘rename’ as well as ‘message upload’.