How to monitor bandwidth consumption

Bandwidth monitoring works to show and provide updates regardinglogs, update sheets and speed. And what’s great about it isthat the usage can be checked and tracked. It is also used to keeptrack of the upload and download speed. It is also responsible incollecting and correlating data that have been produced by anetwork analyzer.Providers offer built in functions such as recorder for transferrates, speed stopwatch, and notification for usage; and it workswith various connections such as a modem, Ethernet, DSL, cable andmany more. It is also fully compatible with operating systems suchas Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 2003 and otheroperating systems.The other tools that may be offered that will work with bandwidthmonitoring are tools like usage trends that keep track of thetraffic trends and user patterns which are tracked based on daily,weekly or monthly usage; and this is considered very helpful intracking the bandwidth used and needed on a daily, weekly ormonthly basis.Another helpful tool is for reports in monitoring the bandwidth,and it is very helpful in order to come up with a plan because sucha tool helps create a report for the past week or month’susage, the current and average usage in order to forecast the usagethat will be needed for the coming days, weeks or even months.Bandwidth summary is another tool that is used to summarize all thepast, present and future usage.Most companies that offer bandwidth monitoring also offerpresentations so the customers will better understand the productand the offer. Some companies that offer monitoring tools may alsooffer free trial with no obligation to pay, and it is such awonderful way to let customers know about, and to become familiarwith, their product. The free trial of the program is also a greatsign that the company is very confident that their products andservices will be appreciated and loved by prospectivecustomers.Some companies also offer free quotes and brochures that containmore information about the products and services that they offer.An administrator may also request for free quotes from differentcompanies and providers so he can compare the rates and pricesoffered. There are many providers in the market and the differenceamong the services and products are very minor so one must considerthe difference in the rates, and even the free services that may beoffered.Visit my site http://networkmonitortools.netand access my list of free bandwidthmonitor tools. Start analyzing your network traffic and findbandwidth hogs today.