How to get hold of a good vocal mentor

Whether you are a newbie or an aspiring singer it is always good to learn to sing under the guidance of a vocal coach . A vocal mentor with teach you the perfect breathing methods which will help you to expand the range of your voice and thereby improving your singing skills.Prior to looking for a vocal coach you need to make a decision what type of music you would like to perform(if you are a singer). If you want to go for pop music you will need a pop music teacher whereas if you want to sing opera you will need an operatic music coach. So you need a different vocal coach for a different music genre and the techniques taught by them will also be different. For example , a pop music teacher will not be able to teach you opera because his teaching techniques will be different as compared to an operatic music coach.Get in touch with the local music colleges for vocal coaches. Local colleges are the best place to find a vocal teacher because the group of mentors will be small and they will surely suggest you a trust worthy coach who can satisfy your requirements. You can also contact the music universities , even if these universities are not local their network is bigger and they will surely know a good vocal mentor in your locality and can suggest one for you.Check out various networking sites related to music. You can find respectable vocal teachers on these sites but always ask for suggestions from the students who are learning from these coaches or have been their students in the past. You can also go to the music stores who sell musical instruments , ask for their suggestions and they will give you the contact numbers of some reputable vocal coaches.You can also talk to the music directors of the local theatre groups. Sometimes the music director is himself a good vocal coach and if not he can definitely recommend you a good vocal mentor.The aforementioned methods will help you find a reputable vocal coach and under his supervision you will learn to sing better.