How to Create More Jobs in Pakistan

In order to improve an economy , one needs to understand what ails it. Take for example the state of jobs in Pakistan.In order to improve an economy , one needs to understand what ails it. Take for example the state of jobs in Pakistan. There are very many unemployed people in Pakistan that would appreciate an economy that can provide them with jobs this way they will be able to feed their families. However , there are several factors that ail the Pakistan economy and addressing these factors is crucial if the job search is to be made easier. The first factor ailing the Pakistan economy is the issue of fragile security. In order for investors to feel safe enough to invest in Pakistan , the government needs to ensure that the issue of terrorist threats and attacks is adequately handled. There are a lot of investors who would like to invest in the Pakistan economy but they have security concerns. Investment will lead to an increase in the number of jobs in Pakistan. This will make the job search for the average Pakistan so much easier.Other than handling the security crisis , another factor that will lead to an increase in the number of jobs in Pakistan is a fully industrialized economy. Currently , Pakistan is only semi-industrialized. Thankfully , the journey towards full industrialization in Pakistan is currently underway , with reports that the economy has been constantly growing since the last decade. In fact , in 2005 Pakistan was named by the World Bank as the top reformer. This is definitely encouraging for the job seeker as it means in a few years’ time , the job search will no longer be so grueling , if the current pace of economic growth is maintained. The other factor that would definitely boost jobs in Pakistan is diversification. Job seekers should be encouraged to venture into fields that were previously neglected. For example , professions such as midwifery should be given more regard instead of being dismissed as professions for illiterate women.If the energy supply situation in Pakistan were to be improved , it would greatly impact on the state of jobs in Pakistan. Currently , Pakistan faces energy shortage problems. This is a huge hindrance to economic growth. Industries cannot produce without sufficient supplies of energy. When the industrial production is affected , workers have to be laid off , which leads to mass unemployment. All these people who are laid off get involved in the job search all over which chokes the job market. Another factor that would greatly improve the state of jobs in Pakistan is an improvement in the international economic crisis. This is a crisis that has been caused by banks in the US , UK and a few European countries. An improvement in the crisis would be a welcome change in Pakistan which has been greatly affected by the crisis , just like many other developing countries. It goes to show that with changes in certain sectors of the Pakistan economy; a lot of jobs in Pakistan can be created. This would definitely ease a huge workload for the average Pakistan citizen who is constantly involved in a never-ending and frustrating job search.