How to Become More Organized

Sure , you’ve thought about becoming a more organized person , especially right after that huge pile of paper on your desk avalanches down and flies all over the floor.  You were meaning to get it , you really were.  You kept putting it off because , well , because you saw something shiny every time you thought about doing it and became distracted. Now your New Year’s Resolution is to get organized. How do you become a more organized person?Write things down.  Making lists will allow you to better keep track of what you need to do for the day , the week , the month. Go digital. We have an incredible number of gadgets at our disposal these days.  From cell phones with alarms , calendars , digital to-do-lists or appointment reminders , you really don’t have any excuse for not keeping track of things. Even your computer can help you keep track of things as well.  There are programs to help you keep track of meetings , appointments , grocery lists and help you get organized with projects. Post Its.  Yes , those little sticky squares of colored paper you see on everyone’s computer monitor at work can help you as well.  Use them as you need to but if your computer monitor or desk begins to molt when someone walks by—you’ve gone too far. Send yourself email reminders.  Call yourself.  No , you’re not talking to yourself and if you are then perhaps you may wish to set a different New Year’s Resolution like seeking some therapy.  If you’re away from home or driving , you might not have a pen and paper handy to take a note. Call your home and leave yourself a message.  Of course if you’re driving make sure you’re using a hands-free phone to ensure your safety. Also , calling yourself to leave a message won’t do you any good unless you check your messages.  Pay your bills online and/or use a bill paying service. If you’re allergic to paper in that you get mail and then neglect to open it until you’re on a first name basis with the collection agency in your town you may wish to consider using a bill paying service.  There are many reputable ones out there.  Your bills are sent to them , scanned and then you’re sent an email notice that they are ready for viewing.  You can then pay them , file them , or set up reoccurring payment schedules for them.  At the end of the year these services will give you the chance to purchase a cd with all of your bills and payments and filings.  One cd with an entire year’s financial doings—how more organized is that?Folders.  You can better organize your paperwork by making files with labels and then actually using them.  Set time aside in your day to file bills , if you’re not receiving them electronically , and in this manner you’ll be able to get a better handle on all the paper that comes into your house so it doesn’t pile up and cause dangerous avalanches. A New Year’s Resolution to get organized is a lofty goal indeed but it’s one that’s well within your reach.  Using these seven easy to follow tips will give you the boost you need to finally get a handle on your life.