Hocine Sidi Said – tremendous experience to start Bio-nABler

Hocine Sidi Said joined the pharmaceutical industry as a young Marketing Trainee armed with degrees in Management and Business Administration from Schiller International University , Paris and Institute Franco-American de Management , Paris. 17 years of tenure with Pfizer saw him work in different capacities and to the best of his abilities. Hocine Sidi Said is a person who takes up challenges and has fulfilled them more than the expectations of his superiors in Pfizer.During these 17 years at Pfizer he was put into various roles and countries and this meant a greater challenge before him for the marketing of Pfizer’s products due to the change in culture and the way business was done in those countries. Hocine Sidi Said accomplished every difficult situation into a turn around one and he is adept at negotiating and getting a good deal which added much to the benefit of Pfizer.Hocine Sidi Said’s interests lie in handling complex projects that few would dare to venture in and his initiative and leadership qualities were enough to fuel Pfizer’s growth in many different countries like Egypt , France , Africa , Middle East , Denmark , Indonesia , Srilanka (Colombo) and India.In India especially , Hocine Sidi Said managed the second largest foreign company in the pharmaceutical industry as its Managing Director with 2800 employees and he led it to a highly profitable position. Hocine Sidi Said did not want any units that would cost overhead expenses and which did not add much to the company’s revenues. Thus during his tenure with Pfizer in India , Hocine Sidi Said managed the closure of four manufacturing sites and the delisting of a publicly traded company.In 2003 , Hocine Sidi Said successfully handled a three way merger between Pfizer , Parke-Davis and Pharmacia India. In Indonesia , Pfizer was on the 12th position when Hocine Sidi Said joined in 1995 and got it to the 3rd position within a couple of years which was a remarkable feat as the Country Manager at Pfizer till the year 1999.Hocine Sidi Said is an excellent communicator and known for his ability to convince people and this was pretty obvious when he got a successful alliance with Dexa-Medica for Pfizer. Dexa-Medica had filed a litigation suit against Pfizer and Hocine Sidi Said through his efforts turned it around into a win-win situation for both the companies and today it has gone down in History as the most successful alliance involving a local company. Hocine Sidi Said not only won over people who were against the company but also won the respect of the entire Pfizer’s Corporate Finance Team for this alliance.Hocine Sidi Said is of an Algerian-French descent and is known to possess strong networking capabilities , motivational skills and a cheerful personality. This has allowed Hocine Sidi Said to make many friends , acquaintances and also professional relationships with other business leaders across the globe.Hocine Sidi Said now resides in the United Arab Emirates and runs a successful consultant company called Bio-nAbler.