History And Growth of Online Bingo Games

One of the most played games in the casino is bingo. When you hear people shout bingo , you know that someone has just won money in the casino.One of the most played games in the casino is bingo. When you hear people shout bingo , you know that someone has just won money in the casino. Bingo as a game has come a long was ice its inception and one might ask how did it all start? At the moment bingo is not just played in the corridors of the casino but also at your home , on your computer. Online casinos offer online bingo games that are a great attraction for bingo enthusiasts.Bingo has its origins from Italy. What has now transformed to online bingo with the introduction of the internet and online casinos has been in existence for almost five hundred years. It started being played as a lottery called “Lo Guioco del Lotto d’Italia” at around 1530. The game was played each week on Saturday. This culture has been maintained to date. In Italy people look forward to Saturdays because of bingo. Online bingo games though , do not follow this culture and you can play bingo anytime and anywhere.The game then spread to France and here it was mainly popular among the wealthy who fondly called it “Le Lotto”. This was in the 1770’s. The game was played a little different from how we play it but the fundamental concept has been maintained over the years. The cards to be marked had 90 numbers. Every row had five numbers and five empty fields. The numbers were distributed randomly on the row and the first row had numbers one to ten and the second row eleven too twenty and so on. You were declared a winner if you completed the first row. This has changed over the years and online bingo cards now have different numbers each playing differently. Some have 32 numbers others 54 and still some 90 numbers as the original ones. This type of bingo is still splayed in Australia and some parts of Europe.As the game grew it was used to help children spell and learn the multiplication table especially in Germany. Different versions of the game were designed even for subjects like history. The game changed and with the coming of casinos the current bingo was introduced. The introduction of the internet brought online casinos that have also transformed the game. There are now many types of online bingo games that are available for bingo enthusiasts to play. Online bingo can now be played anywhere and anytime. The bets for online bingo are small enough for anyone to participate. In addition there are some online bingo games that offer extra bingo bonus for participation.Playing online bingo games has allowed a wide variety of people to play; these online casinos have improved the quality of the game and introduced a social side to it. The chat rooms are a good place to meet other people who love online bingo. This game is still growing and in future there will be many more changes that will come to make the game more exciting.