Forget repetitive tasks with Hot Keyboard

Hot Keyboard is a personal productivity tool for Windows OS. For work or for fun – Hot Keyboard makes your computer tasks easier and faster. You just create macros , assign them to hotkeys and from that moment on – forget repetitive tasks!Save your working hours using keyboard efficiently!Spend hours in front of a computer? Decrease Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) risk!What Hot Keyboard does for you?With this award-winning application you can:Avoid typing the same info bits over and over (phone , URL , address , signatures , …) in messages , documents , web formsStop wasting your time on mouse movements when you look for an application in menus and foldersKeep your desktop free (better have one favorite photo than 100 icons) , Hot Keyboard saves your desktop from icon clutter , and lets you hide icons from your coworkers.Control computer sounds instantly from any app ( mute music when there is a call)Open favorite web pages with a single hotkeySet up a macro for a sequence of actions and execute it with a single shortcutRecord keystrokes and play them back a specified number of timesImport/Export the same hotkeys on different computers , or even synchronize macros via the networkUse Hot Keyboard on any computer with any Windows OS (Windows 95/98/ME , Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 or Windows XP/Vista/7 64bit are supported)Hot Keyboard as a great workgroup toolHot Keyboard is perfect for workgroups to synchronize and share macros over the network. When you change a text in a macro on one computer , it is instantly changed across the network. The same hotkeys can be exported for any actions via the network.How does Hot Keyboard work?When you set up a hotkey , Hot Keyboard is hidden in the system tray and works in the background. Press a hotkey and Hot Keyboard will run the selected macro and will be invisible.