Finding out about cashless mediclaim

Some disasters cannot be averted. A sudden illness or medical emergency cannot be foreseen. Moreover , the seriousness of the accident could also lead to piling up of sky rocketing hospital bills and medicinal costs. At troubling times like these , one would have to keep in line their life savings and may also have to take further loans from family and friends leading to massive debts. However , a cashless mediclaim would prevent such additional tensions during these already testing times. Before the advent of cashless medicliam , mediclaim policy holders would have to pay their bills to the hospital and then submit a form to the insurance company for reimbursement. However , with the introduction of cashless mediclaim , insurance companies now have connections with specific hospitals for direct payment of bill by the company according to the mediclaim policy. Thus , now an insured person could get hospitalized in a network hospital without having to worry about settling the bill then and there. Cashless mediclaim however , are not available in all hospitals. First , a health insurance company would check the facilities , reputation , services and rates of the hospital. Only if they are found satisfactory by the company standards do they make a contract with the hospital. Such hospitals are known as network hospitals. Such network hospitals may be checked in your health insurance company site online. Cashless services may be claimed if any of the following events take place:1) Emergencies: These are the type of cases which are sudden and they are no prerequisites to anticipating this type of hospitalization. In such cases , the patient/client is admitted as per hospital procedures. The time taken to process such cases is approximately 6 hours. 2) Planned visits: These types of cases can be pre-planned and anticipated. The time required for processing the insurance is also less. Life assurance policy are different from life insurance policies. They provide mainly two benefits: 1) Providing successors with a savings plan to provide the applicant’s nominee with a sum of money after the applicant’s death. 2) Provide with a specific amount which he or she earns after a given due date. However , these policies are highly flexible and many more features can be incorporated into them. The following are the basic three types of life assurances: 1) Whole life assurance policies: These policies are such that the money would be paid to your beneficiaries at the event of your death. Every year , the applicant pays a specific premium of money and this policy is continued only if you keep paying the money regularly. 2) Endowment assurance policies: In this type of a policy , regular premiums are paid over a specific period of time or term and a lump sum is paid at the end. If the premium is 3)Term assurance policies: Here , regular premiums are paid for a specific amount of time (term) and then coverage is paid by the company at the end of the term. For example , one may set the term till their children graduate. Then , if one’s death occurs during this term , the agreed sum will be paid by the company to the family. With the advent of the worldwide web , it is now possible to Buy life insurance online . One must just follow the given simple steps: 1) Browse the websites of different insurance companies. 2) Get free life insurance quotes from these websites. 3) Analyse and determine which scheme suits you best. 4) Apply for the selected scheme online.