Dedicated IP hosting

As the proud owner of a business website , you would want your website to stay up and running at all points of time.As the proud owner of a business website , you would want your website to stay up and running at all points of time. Every website on the Internet has an Internet Protocol Address or IP address , this address helps identify the website and the domain. The IP address can help identify the domain names of different websites as well. So in effect the users can make us e of both the IP address or the domain name of the website to access it. However there are some websites which share the web hosting space with other websites.Some websites have their own web hosting server and some choose to share it. If a website is sharing a web hosting server then it is likely that it will not have a unique IP address of its own. Usually small websites tend to share their web hosting spaces in order to minimize costs. The arrangement of sharing web hosting space is known as “virtual hosting”. Virtual hosting provides the means by which a large number of small or medium-sized websites can share the same server. Websites sharing the same server will have the same IP address as well. Websites that receive a lot of Internet traffic should definitely have a dedicated web hosting server to handle the workload. Such popular websites should certainly have unique IP addresses as well.Perhaps one of the best aspects of Virtual Hosting your websites is the small premium that you have to pay for this essential service. In case you decide to share the web hosting server space with other websites you will save on a lot of your capital and can invest on other avenues as well. Virtual hosting is the most affordable option for any startup company as it allows them to dip their feet in the Internet boom without having to pay through their noses. However , there are factors that affect the pricing of the web hosting space which include , the storage space made available to you and the technology that has been used to design and host your website and finally the bandwidth requirements. If you need more bandwidth for your web-hosting , you will need to pay more. The pricing of Virtual hosting might vary between $4-20 /month. You should remember that on an average , shared web hosting servers tend to crash more and have higher downtimes that dedicated ones. A dedicated server on the other hand comes at a costly premium but it offers the website owners with a lot of added benefits as well. If you have a large business website and do not want your business to suffer from server crashes then dedicated web hosting is the perfect option for you. The dedicated web hosting service gives you the freedom to have more storage space , unique IP address. This means that no matter how much traffic your website generates the bandwidth will not diminish because the resources will not be shared with other websites. Another huge advantage with dedicated web hosting service is that it allows you to set up the hosting service with ease.