De-Clutter Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home , the lively hub where families gather to discuss the day’s events , organise the coming week and argue over who gets the last slice of cake. But in such a busy space , it can be difficult to keep everything neat and tidy , as everyone piles in and schoolbags , shoes and other belongings get dropped and forgotten about all over the room.For today’s busy working families , endless cleaning is neither desirable nor feasible , meaning that soon , the kitchen can start to feel chaotic , jumbled and a little bit stressful.Luckily , there are many items to help you stay on top of things in this potential shambles. Whilst you don’t have to fully clean the whole room on a daily basis , regular de-cluttering sessions can help stop the build-up of ‘stuff’ littering the kitchen , as well as ensuring that it becomes easier to clean and work in. But when it comes to de-cluttering , where should one begin? And what are the best ways of going about it?The first thing you need to remember when it comes to tidying the kitchen is that you need to be ruthless. While we’re not suggesting you throw away everything , you should think long and hard about whether you actually use many of the items that have been filling the back of your cupboards for years. Do you really need two mug trees? And what about the 57 teaspoons you seem to have acquired? It may be difficult , but getting rid of any junk and unwanted bits and pieces is a great way of freeing up space. Give any appropriate items to charity , before scrapping the rest; you won’t miss them.Next , try to find a place for everything. Consider investing in some kitchen storage products to reduce clutter on worktops and in drawers , and make sure to organise items in a logical fashion. Pullout drawers are a great way of getting more into cupboards. Also , consider how often you use a particular item. If you rarely bake , why not put baking trays away in a high cupboard , since you won’t need them too often? That way , you can free up storage space for the items that you do use on a regular basis.After getting rid of all unwanted pieces and tidying away the others , you can begin to clean up properly and will soon find yourself with much more room in which to work. However , with the rest of the family running around it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle , so try and get them on board. Have younger children help out with the tidying process so they feel more invested in the project , and give older children a box or cupboard to put their things in so they don’t automatically dump them in the kitchen. It won’t work instantly , but slowly it will become second nature and the kitchen’s chaotic work surfaces will be no more.When it comes to tidying the kitchen , it can be difficult to get motivated. With children , pets and spouses running in and out of the room on an almost hourly basis , the task can begin to slip down your to-do list. However , stay firm; keeping the kitchen tidy and free of clutter is a wonderful way of making the whole space feel calmer and more organised , as well as helping you to feel more in control.Once it’s been done , it becomes much easier to stay on top of things , meaning that another big de-clutter isn’t necessary again. Well , not for a few months anyway.