Coupon Clippers Throw Away Their Scissors and Still Save!

There is a revolution in marketing today. The switch fromtraditional and costly print coupon marketing such as clippingcoupons from newspapers or magazines is moving in a mass exodus tothe Internet. Offering free coupons began as a test marketingstrategy by the Coca Cola Co. in 1887. Today, Google searches forretail coupons have increased 300% compared to 2007-2008 and areexpected to continue to rise with the slow economy. The fact iscoupons are an important tool used by most households andbusinesses as inflation coupled with a weakening economy is takingits toll on their wallets. Coupons aren’t just used by cashstrapped families with low income. In fact, data shows just theopposite and in this article, we’ll explore all of thepossibilities coupons can offer both the business owner and theconsumer alike.I don’t know if you know, but the Internet is here to stay. Oneof the main reasons, in fact probably the only reason why theInternet has been such a huge success and so infectious worldwideis simply that it provides unlimited resources for where you canspend your dollar. Think about your favorite sites. Think about howyou use the Internet as a tool. Sure you may check the news, theweather, and your dwindling stock portfolio. But did you notice theadvertisements that appeared on those pages? Did you ever stop andthink about how all of the free sites you enjoy are paid for?That’s right ??Internet advertising. Businesses comprise a largeportion of the Internet and their advertising dollars is a hugecomponent of what keeps the Internet alive.This article is focused on the use of coupons in the world ofonline advertising and who better than Coca-Cola, an American iconand pioneer, would be awarded the original think tank behind couponmarketing. Coupons really aren’t a genius idea or even original inthe sense of discounts. Supply and demand dictate price. Regardlessof the era, it could have been a thousand years ago, if a merchanthad too much supply, he would advertise to his buyers a discount onthe stock in order to deplete his inventory. The principle is asold as mankind but the concept has greatly changed. Free couponsthat offer discounts , sometimes up to half off in the form of abuy one get one free offer, are now used to attract new business tothe restaurant, store or service as well as used as a tool byretailers to decrease overstock or seasonal merchandise.Imagine becoming a free member of a single web site where youcan do a national search of local coupons in your area. If youtravel for business or on vacation with the family, simply type inthe new location and more coupons are available for all of yourneeds. This is the new revolution we’re talking about in thisarticle. This is how you and your kids, and most likely futuregenerations will search and redeem offers for valuable discounts,bargains and offers – via the Internet. In fact, the Internet isgrowing at an astounding and exponential rate. By the year 2010, itis estimated that worldwide there will be 1.6 billion users whoaccess the Internet on a regular basis. That’s 23% of the worldpopulation! Of that population, the bulk of those people who areenjoying all the resources the Internet has to offer are just likeyou and me. We?e just regular people who like tosend emails, do a little shopping, maybe look at their stockportfolio or check their bank accoun!t and of course, finding great deals using local coupons forrestaurants, stores and services!So what about the Sunday newspaper ads? You know the coupons thatyou clip and save until your next trip to the grocery store orredeem at your favorite restaurant? Newspaper, magazine and directmail coupons are quickly becoming an endangered species. In fact,newspapers all over the world are feeling the pressure by folksrefusing the old, traditional form of gathering information andcurrent events and using the Internet to supply their information.Coupon clipping will be no different. Imagine how many trees arewasted, how many millions of gallons of water flushed away, howmany tons of waste sent to the landfill because of print coupons?Online coupon companies reduce paper usage and waste to nominalpercentages compared to the traditional way of distributingcoupons.In a world of a new conscious effort to save money and save theenvironment, “paperless” has become synonymous with businessesworldwide. Everyone is doing their part to reduce their waste insome form. Businesses who offer online coupons and people who usethose coupons are indirectly helping reduce waste and improve their”carbon footprint.” Whether you’re a coupon user or not, it’sonline companies and users like you who choose to utilize thesefree services that improve the economy, the environment and yourbudget.Brian Puleo is the founder and CEO of – a nationalcoupon website that offers local coupons for restaurants, storesand services to local consumers. You can sign up for a free accountat Zibogo. Business owners can save over 90% advertising theircoupons at