Corner Desk: Pros and Cons

A corner desk is a useful piece of furniture. If you already useone for your office or at home, then you already know what a greatoption it is. If you don’t, but are trying to decide whattype of desk to get, then take a look at the pros and cons of acorner desk to help you make a good decision.I’ve used all sorts of desks over the years. Probably myfavorite one is the corner desk I use now. It works great in myhome office. I can freely move my office chair around in the spacein front of the desk. This is extremely important to most people,as it is for me. Being able to access not only my keyboard, butalso my filing cabinet and printer easily is something facilitatedby having a corner desk. A regular rectangular shaped desk tends toget over crowded. So, pro number one is ease of access to officemachines and workspaces.The second pro of using a corner desk is that it is an efficientuse of space that otherwise would be wasted. You know how it is. Ifthere is an extra square foot of free space we tend to fill it upwith something. Maybe one of those awful fake plants I am sorry tosay I have owned way too long. Or some figurine or other uselessobject will be placed there. I’m not sure why we do that, butwe do. Obviously, having the desk in the corner means nothing elsecan go there.My corner desk also hasvertical space built in above the main work surfaces in the form ofshelves. These are really nice. I can’t emphasize enough howimportant it has become to me to be able to place objects up andout of the way. I like to use part of the shelf to keep my extracds and DVDs, a few basic office supplies, and a few personal itemslike a picture and plant. On the other part of the shelf I tend tostore my external hard drive, digital camera, card reader and flashdrive. These things are nice to have close by since they areregularly used, but up and out of the way of my normal workingarea.The biggest con to owning and using a corner desk is really onlyapplicable if you are one of those people who just has to havetheir back to the wall. I don’t know if that comes from theold west thing where you always want to have the room and door infront of you at all times or what. You never know when you mighthave a shoot out I guess, and you want to be prepared for anything.All kidding aside, some people are just more comfortable when theyare situated more directly against a wall or in a corner facingout. I, for one, am not one of those people so having a corner deskthat forces my chair to be more out in the room with my back to thedoor doesn’t bother me at all.There are many sorts of desks that come in all shapes and sizes,and any number of these may work great for you. A corner desk issomething I have come to prefer over the years because of theirease of use and organization as well as accessibility to everythingyou need while working. If you are considering a corner desk, Iwould recommend one without reservation.