Connection between Android and Insurance Industry

There was a time when mobiles were used for communication. But now the time has changed a lot. Mobile phones play a vital role in various sectors like publishing sector , real-estate and health sectors. Thus , after grabbing the above sectors now mobile apps concentrate on insurance sector. With mobile technology solutions you can realize the increase in agent and policyholder satisfaction.According to the latest white paper , there will be more innovative mobile apps that will drive this industry in some different direction in the coming year i.e. 2012. You will also find recommendations for mobile application development (Android) for the year 2012.Symbian , iOS , BlackBerry , and Android operating system are targeting the insurance sector now. Each and every single operating system is trying to release a new app that enhances this particular industry. Apart from BlackBerry and iOS , now Android is looking forward to develop several apps that will in turn help the insurance industry in some or the way.  Android is trying its best in order give tough competition to other operating system developing apps for this sector itself.Android offers different and unique car insurance apps that help you to save money. The benefits of the latest released apps includes seeing crash test results and recall notices , comparing costs of insuring different cars , finding agents’ offices on an interactive map , requesting a quote , making payments , retrieving a copy of your insurance ID card , receiving mobile alerts and making Progressive insurance claims via their apps. It can also provide significant savings to the company by initiating the process at the crash site as in:-The insurer can take control over the towThey can even control the receiving garageAndroid not only provides car insurance apps but many other apps for several other services. Gaspar , Clal , Fred Loya , My local insurance agent , Qarant , Rockingham Insurance , and Beeler are some of the free apps that have been released till date by Android. Insurance Glossary , Insurance News , Insurance Abbreviations , Guide to Life Insurance , The Health Insurance app , My Insurance Info , California Insurance Code , Guide to Good Health Insurance app , and Health Insurance Glossary are some of the paid apps developed by Android.Soon plenty of new mobile phone apps will hit the market. So if you own an Android based mobile or some other device , it’s time to see what type of apps could improve your auto insurance experience.