Choosing the Right Apartment Dogs for Your Confined Space

Just because you live in an apartment , doesn’t mean you can’t own a dog , although perhaps a Husky or Great Dane wouldn’t be such a good choice. Apartment living usually means downsizing , and the same goes for your dog breed. Apartment dogs can be every bit as satisfying as larger dogs , but there are some things to consider when choosing the right dog for you. Most buildings have strict rules when it comes to pets , so it’s important to check with your superintendent or landlord as to what is allowed and what isn’t. Some have weight limits on dogs , such as no dog over 35 pounds , and some have specific breed restrictions , such as Dobermans or pit bulls. It’s also important to remember that bigger dogs need extra space and lots of fresh air , which may not be in abundant supply if you’re in an apartment. Other things to consider are how noisy your apartment dogs are going to be. It’s a known fact that smaller dogs can bark more than larger ones. Your neighbors will not be very happy with you if they can hear your pet barking throughout the day and night , (although a dog can be trained to bark less.) Some of the best breeds that are suited for apartment dogs are: • Basset Hound • Yorkie • Boston or Russell Terrier • Pomeranian • English Toy Spaniel •#Maltese • Pug • Toy Poodle •#Yorkshire Terrier Of course , this is not an exhaustive list , and there are many other breeds that make suitable apartment dogs. Do some research and decide for yourself which breed may be best for you. Even though dog apartment rules can be strict , many small breeds make perfect companions for people in apartments and can be great company throughout the day. Keep in mind that they will still need to go outside for walks and to take care of nature. As a general rule , however , smaller dogs don’t need to run or need a lot of extra space like bigger dogs do. They are quite content to sit with you while you watch TV , read , knit or sew.