Chocolate Easter Eggs-traditions and taste blended together!

Everyone, all over the world, loves to eat chocolates and whenhe gets it as a gift then he does not have any words to say.Everyone desire for such a gift. In the market there is hugevariety of chocolate gift baskets sold. Chocolates are available ina wide variety. Related to chocolates, there are lot of traditionsand history. Often given to celebrate Easter or spring time, Eastereggs are special eggs. To use dyed or painted chicken eggs is theoldest tradition but to substitute chocolate eggs or plastic eggsfilled with confectionery such as jelly beans is a modern custom.To find on Easter morning, these eggs can be hidden for children,and for their existence, Easter bunny is made responsible which ishighly enjoyed by children. Filled with real or artificial straw toresemble a bird’s nest, they also may be put in a basket.In Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and other CentralEuropean countries’ folk traditions, chocolateEaster eggsare a widely popular symbol of new life. To createintricate, brilliantly colored eggs a batik (wax resist) process isused, which is the best-known of which is the Ukrainian pysanka andthe Polish pisanka. For the Russian Imperial Court, the celebratedFaberg√© workshops created exquisite jeweled Easter eggs.Hidden surprises such as clock-work birds or miniature ships arecontained in most of these creations themselves. In Vegreville,Alberta, a 27-foot (9 m) sculpture of a pysanka stands.As a token of friendship, love or good wishes, there are manyother decorating techniques and numerous traditions of giving them.In some parts of the United Kingdom (such as Scotland and NorthEast England), a tradition exists of rolling painted eggs downsteep hills on Easter Sunday. A common festive activity, Easter egghunt is carried out where eggs are hidden outdoors for children torun around and find. This is a fun filled activity and there mayalso be a contest to see who can collect the most eggs.A popular tan colour can be achieved by boiling the eggs withonion skins when boiling eggs for Easter. By tying on the onionskin with different colored woolen yarn, a greater variety ofcolour was often provided.One can gift this chocolatesquaresto that special person in his or her life. This is thebest gift one can give to their loved ones. This Easter eggs alsohave several medicinal properties. Based on a preliminary studyfrom researchers at St. Michael’s Hospital, they may help lowertheir risk of stroke. The study, also found that eating chocolatemay lower the risk of death after suffering a stroke. Thus Eastereggs follow traditions as well as health.Russ Murray is the owner of this website and writes articles forhis own website. For further Details about orderchocolate and organicchocolate please visit the website.